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in the style of conversation

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He holds more than 20 patents in the field of machine intelligence and has written numerous scientific and philosophical papers on the confabulatory basis of cognition, creativity, and consciousness.
He "stands up in front of the people and tells them all folksy-like about the first time I ever healed someone, and then, after they's caught up in the tale, whether they think it's confabulatory or not, I begin the healing" (12).
We can see this clearly if we contrast pagers for teenagers with those for medical professionals: one is for confabulatory pleasure and the other for urgent professional summons.
The reason he needs defending is the stark diagnostic probability offered by Rowell: Artaud (1896-1948) "suffered from confabulatory paraphrenia, a delusional psychosis which is not accompanied by intellectual deterioration and in which some symptoms - hallucinations and confabulations - are close to those of schizophrenia.
If the patient is paranoid or confabulatory, then question the rationality of his or her reasons.