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one given to conversation

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Distraction, pain, and abjection therapy were used by a confabulator who talked the patient through his cure by telling him stories and fables that displaced the pleasing image of woman with abject visions of a corrupt female body (p.
As Andrew Hammond says, he was known as the greatest confabulator in the West.
By the "New Sudan Project" I assume you and your fellow confabulators mean efforts among disparate groups of Sudanese to press for democratic freedoms, citizenship not based on ethnicity or religion, and an end to the marginalization of all the peripheral regions of Sudan that has been a constant over the past 25 years of rule by your National Islamic Front, renamed (conveniently) the National Congress Party after the split with Hassan al-Turabi fifteen years ago.
Dix and Ireland both seem to me on the surface to be classic cases of confabulators, really.
Controlled data from groups of patients show that confabulators neither require a gap in memory nor exhibit an increased tendency to fill such gaps.