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Synonyms for confabulate

to engage in spoken exchange

Synonyms for confabulate

unconsciously replace fact with fantasy in one's memory

have a conference in order to talk something over

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Beaver, Memory stored or Confabulated by Hypnosis--Is It Competent?
Curiously, the reverse problem arises on other occasions: for instance, at the end of Tess Knighton's imaginatively confabulated letter from Penalosa, the brief bibliography (common to most contributions) contains such specialized early printed material that few will have the resources, or even the desire, to pursue them further.
But just because The Washington Monthly does not itself make money is no reason for the magazine to have such confabulated opinions about enterprises that do.
In this background, Debi confabulated with the BJP leaders.
while likewise "C is for Conjuring" juxtaposes the unremarkable "calendars, calcium, chlorophyll, commas, crosses" with "a colloquy of camels, canaries, cardinals, cobras, / and condors--a confabulated collage[.
52) Use of reconstruction techniques generally leads to the recollection of more correct details than does a standard interview, although there may be some increase in confabulated details as well.
Although this study demonstrates that individuals report forgetting and remembering sexual abuse that actually occurred, it provides no information about the likelihood that individuals who have never been abused may recover distorted or confabulated memories.
I said that we cannot distinguish between totally confabulated memories and recovered memories that are accurate representations of actual events.
Actually, it was half a day - a trial of less than four hours and in which no evidence corroborated the defendant's confabulated confessions.
The myth as Erie sees it is that the Irish confabulated the Democratic party in the nineteenth century by the same means that the British employed to man their armies and navy: instead of conscripting able, fit recruits from all levels of society, they lured the mentally infirm and financially distressed from the oppressed lower classes into service with small bribes from the public purse.
But soon after returning to Hyderabad after midnight, Rosaiah confabulated with government advisor K V P Ramachandra Rao, assembly speaker N Kiran Kumar Reddy and Opposition leader N Chandrababu Naidu.
Also, many former memory recovery clients retracted childhood sexual abuse allegations, saying that memory recovery techniques had led to distorted or confabulated recollections (Lief & Fetkewicz, 1995; Merskey, 1996; Seltzer, 1994; Wakefield & Underwager, 1994).