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  • verb

Synonyms for confabulate

to engage in spoken exchange

Synonyms for confabulate

unconsciously replace fact with fantasy in one's memory

have a conference in order to talk something over

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The Congress president did not see her so Bibi has done the only thing she could do -- confabulate with Charak.
122) The mentally ill possess a range of psychiatric symptoms that make them more likely to agree with, suggest, or confabulate false and misleading information to detectives during police interrogations.
show for Bell, joined forces with Confabulate Ltd to bring their show to a new web-based audience, ahead of his forthcoming speaking tour.
These experiments and many others show how people's conscious rationalization engine will confabulate explanations for actions whose actual motivation and cause are unknown.
The end of December is not only Kwanzaa-time but also the time when most academic fraternities gather to confabulate, filling one or more large hotels or convention centers with their vaporings, job offers, and sundry bits of professional business.
Whereas most postmodern historical novelists merrily confabulate the historical record in the service of fiction, Connell--along with Paul Metcalf, Guy Davenport, and a few other wrongly neglected writers who together form a kind of undeclared, underground school--has, in the service of historical detail, resisted projecting what Davenport calls "an illusory, fictional world.
In this novel the young men who confabulate by campfires sometimes have to plumb their memories for the missing Czech word or substitute an Americanism when nothing else fits.
Besides the danger of leading questions which may cause a subject under hypnosis to confabulate (where one makes up details that may not actually be remembered to fill in the story,) the review of uncertain memories may convince even the subject of their actuality, (called memory 'hardening').
shows for Michael Portillo, Tony Benn and Jonathan Miller has joined forces with Confabulate Ltd to bring their show to a new web-based audience.
Watch my hands confabulate their shadowed rhetoric, gestures of benediction; maledictions by arrangement.
More to the point, however, when the two hemispheres in split-brain patients produce conflicting behavior and the person is then asked to explain why he or she has behaved in this fashion, the left hemisphere will confabulate a reason based on its own limited information.
org/article/Latent_semantic_analysis) noted that "stemming often confabulates meaning, e.
Thom confabulates, which is a euphemistic way of saying he tells lies.
Meryl Dorey's trouble with the truth, part 1: how Meryl Dorey lies, obfuscates, prevaricates, exaggerates, confabulates and confuses in promoting her anti-vaccination agenda [online document].