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Synonyms for cone-shaped

relating to or resembling a cone

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Was that cone-shaped object a time machine from the future "passing through" 1987 that Thursday night?
In a paper, Silicon Decorated Cone Shaped Carbon Nanotube Clusters for Lithium Ion Battery Anode, UC Riverside researchers developed a novel structure of three-dimensional silicon decorated cone-shaped carbon nanotube clusters architecture via chemical vapor deposition and inductively coupled plasma treatment.
The cone-shaped Stealth head has a nose-forward line tie so it slips through cover well.
To ensure superior heat transfer, hinged Teflon scrapers are attached to the wings of the anchor agitator for wiping the sidewalls and cone-shaped vessel bottom.
Each of their cone-shaped teeth can weigh more than 2lbs.
The platform espadrille and cone-shaped heels are laced up in renewably-sourced raffia, and the knotted faux-suede straps are made from recycled plastic bottles.
The cone-shaped explosives had sat at the bottom of Henry's garden in the village of Pailton, near Rugby, ever since the family moved in.
Buddleia WALK down any street in late summer and you are likely to see a buddleia, or butterfly bush as it is known because it attracts butterflies, with its cone-shaped flowers in shades of purple, magenta and white.
To make a pretty cone-shaped basket, cut a triangle shape out of bright coloured paper and make the point flat.
It has a clear glass center section that extends all the way down to the discharge area, eliminating the usual cone-shaped bottom, which can cause agglomeration or bridging.
The article has an absorbent body, wherein the absorbent body has cavities which are essentially cone-shaped and extend at least through part of the absorbent body.
Local resident Cathy Wilson said the tornado "got really huge" while Dawn Key, who lives five miles south of nearby Elizabeth said she saw two of them, one large and cone-shaped and the other a thin one that seemed to repeatedly touch down and pull back up.
The Soil Probe with its replaceable cone-shaped tip and rugged construction is said to be ideal for field use along new or existing pipelines.
4-pound cone-shaped capsule joined Russia's Lunik in a sun-circling path.
Limelight produces masses of dense, cone-shaped blooms up to a foot across in a brilliant white with a lime green glow.