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Synonyms for cone-bearing

of or relating to or part of trees or shrubs bearing cones and evergreen leaves


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If most of the large, cone-bearing trees are dying, she said, "then we really will have to consider replanting.
Douglas fir is a cone-bearing softwood, meaning that it is not a "true" fir.
All of these cone-bearing trees are unreliable," says Curtis Adkisson, a professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute who studies winter finches.
This was combined with the past diameter distributions (from the tree-ring records of radial growth) at each site to reconstruct the decade-by-decade history of accumulating density (trees per hectare) of cone-bearing spruce trees at each study site.
This reconstruction indicates that after the first spruce arrives at a site, 48-60 yr are required to attain a density of 10 cone-bearing spruce/ha (Table 11).
With their stiff, green featherlike fronds topping coarse, stout trunks, they look at first glance like chubby palms, but these are primitive cone-bearing plants more closely related to conifers.
The energetic critters often amputate whole cone-bearing branches from trees, dismember them by biting through the cones' scales, then feed on the exposed seeds.
The Snapshots report gives an instant overview of the Canadian softwood log market, and covers logs from coniferous trees or cone-bearing trees with needle-like or scale-like leaves, for example pine, spruces, cedars.
Boreal Forest This belt of coniferous, or cone-bearing, trees stretches across northern Asia, Europe, and North America, Winters are long and snowy, while summers are short and cool.
Learn about the uses and history of cone-bearing cycads while watching out for dinosaurs.
In the first category are hardwoods, endangered species, and the broad-leaved evergreen overstory; in the second are overstory hardwoods and evergreen understory species; the third includes cone-bearing evergreens; and the fourth consists of ornamentals and palmetto trees.
Boreal Forest Some animals, such Conifers, such as This belt of coniferous, as black bears, pine and spruce, or cone-bearing, trees hibernate, or sleep have a conical shape stretches across the through the cold that lets the heavy northern portion of North winter.