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a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point

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He suggests molding store-bought port Cheddar cheese into one or two pine cone shapes on a white platter, then topping with whole almonds (with skins on) to simulate the look of a pine cone.
I watched the clouds twisting into a cone shape and, within a few seconds, it had grown down to meet the ground.
Remove from the heat and quickly roll to form a cone shape.
1 For a 12-inch-tall topiary, fold the 14- by 20-inch piece of 1-inch chicken wire into a cone shape, bending edges together to secure; trim bottom with wire-cutting shears to even.
Continue curling up in a spiraling motion to form a cone shape.
Bugles, the crispy corn snack known for its unique cone shape, is part of the General Mills family of brands.
Contract awarded for Diamond cutter, high speed inverted cone shape no.
Monterey pines) make very nice Christmas trees because they're very fragrant and they grow in a nice cone shape,'' he said.
Roll a triangular piece of orange felt into a cone shape for the nose.
Galle inkwell, cone shape, gray, yellow, red overlaid blossoms, cameo glass, circa 1900, 3 inches: $620.
5 also contains several new geometric shapes such as an improved cone shape that can be defined by radius and height, frustum (truncated pyramid), torus (doughnut shape with precise radius control) and metaball which is a transformable shape created by fusing an infinite number of spheres together.
Shape discs of salami into small cone shapes, sealing the tip closed with your fingers.
That is, until he rolled them into cone shapes and put ice cream on top.
A two-page glossary explains cone shapes, the creation of magma, the smell of hydrogen sulfide, and the source of mud pots and pull-apart zones.