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a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point

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The shape of the cutter included standard shape, curve shape and cone shape design.
He suggests molding store-bought port Cheddar cheese into one or two pine cone shapes on a white platter, then topping with whole almonds (with skins on) to simulate the look of a pine cone.
The coating is dehydrated leaving the solids, which are then compressed into a standard cone shape.
Generally, when a cone shape is analyzed, the tip radius is considered zero or so small that it can be ignored.
Remove from the heat and quickly roll to form a cone shape.
The cone shape allows snackers to hold it neatly in one hand--ideal for cell-phone addicts on the go.
1 For a 12-inch-tall topiary, fold the 14- by 20-inch piece of 1-inch chicken wire into a cone shape, bending edges together to secure; trim bottom with wire-cutting shears to even.
2 Ms Male Adopter 1/2 X 3/8 Npt Thread One Side Cone Nut - 01 Nos 3 Ms Male Adopter With One Side 1/2 And Other Side Cone Shape 1/4 Zinc Plated - 01 Nos 4 Ms T Size 1/4 With Cone Nut And Ferrule Equal Size And Zinc Plated - 01 Nos 5 Brass Cock 1/2 Flow Way Female- 01 Nos
Continue curling up in a spiraling motion to form a cone shape.
Bugles, the crispy corn snack known for its unique cone shape, is part of the General Mills family of brands.
33 or equivalent, in individual packaging,strawberry diamond for high speed, dual cone shape no.
Monterey pines) make very nice Christmas trees because they're very fragrant and they grow in a nice cone shape,'' he said.
Galle inkwell, cone shape, gray, yellow, red overlaid blossoms, cameo glass, circa 1900, 3 inches: $620.
Contract awarded for Diamond cutter, high speed inverted cone shape no.