cone clutch

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a friction clutch in which the frictional surfaces are cone-shaped

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A total of seven hydraulic or mechanical cone clutch series transmission models have been unveiled at several industry events over the last two months covering a power range of 10 to 1300 hp.
CA/11/40 Weft Feeler slide 24 nos,2A/84 Cone clutch with linear 6 nos,7A/135 Polyathilene Feeling roller bearing 48 nos,7A/132 Polyathilene easing roller bearing 48 nos,8A/129 Nylon swell bush 1 gross.
Stingray boats use Volvo Penta engines exclusively, favoring their smooth-engaging cone clutch.
When the proper lever on the operator's platform is engaged, a cone clutch raises the front end of the plow 6 inches, at which point a linkage is released.
Power was transmitted to the rear wheels through a friction cone clutch, a single forward and reverse transmission and then, a chain drive.