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a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone

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A comparative biomechanical evaluation of mandibular condyle fracture plating techniques.
CT scans with occipital condyle fracture and T6-T7 vertebral body fracture with spinal cord transection.
None of the cases subsequently revealed any evidence of traumatic brain injury on CTB but they all demonstrated mandibular condyle fractures best appreciated on coronal views.
Shrader then described the case of a 7-year-old boy with a medial condyle fracture that was treated initially with an above-elbow cast; the child's elbow remained painful and stiff 10 years after surgical treatment to repair the nonunion.
In contrast is the case of a 7-year-old boy with a medial condyle fracture that was treated initially with an above-elbow cast.
Roise, "Occipital condyle fracture and lower cranial nerve palsy after blunt head trauma--a literature review and case report, " Journal of Trauma Management and Outcomes, vol.
Key Words: Mandibular condyle fractures facial bones road traffic accidents.
Incidence and patters of mandibular condyle fractures.
However, Dhillon KS [12] concluded that there is no benefit of operating upon a lateral humeral condyle fracture presenting more than 6 weeks after the injury; he recommended surgical intervention only for the sequelae at a later stage in such cases.
of subjects Age 20-29 15 30-39 18 40-49 15 50-59 6 60-69 6 Sex Male 42 Female 6 Occupation Student 9 House Wife 9 Agriculturist 21 Driver 3 Teacher 3 Businessman 15 Mode of injury RTA 42 Fall from H/L 15 Sports 3 Laterality Right 45 Left 15 Type Pure cleavage 12 Cleavage depression 21 Central depression 3 Medial condyle fracture 6 Bicondylar fracture 6 Metaphysio diaphyseal dissociation 12 Method 33 Percutaneous cancellous screw fixation ORIF with buttress plate and screws 3 ORIF with buttress plate and bone graft External fixator 21 3 Period < 10 days 42 Upto 3 wks 15 Upto 8 wks 3 Complications Post Traumatic OA 3 Knee Stiffness 6 Infection and Wound Dehiscence 12 Extensor Lag 3 Types I 12 II 21 III 3 IV 6 V 6 VI 12 Types No.
Open reduction of the condyle fracture of the mandible in conjunction with repair of discal injury (discus-sion).
4 months; 80% had femoral and femoral condyle fractures.
Additionally, Type III occipital condyle fractures are known to result from distractive injuries to the CCJ and their presence should prompt further investigation to insure no further injury to the CCJ is present.
Diagnostic accuracy of cone beam computed tomography and conventional multislice spiral tomography in sheep mandibular condyle fractures.
He struck a tree while driving home from work and sustained multiple injuries including traumatic ventral hernia, traumatic left testicular hematoma, open bilateral superior and inferior pubic rami fractures, scalp laceration, nasal bone fractures, and bilateral occipital condyle fractures.