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a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass

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The company produces electrogalvanized electrical metallic tubing and intermediate metal conduit, as well as hot-dip galvanized electrical rigid metal conduit.
Buy pulling ells to avoid bending the conduit around outside corners.
The Conduit Carrier Cart allows for better productivity in a variety of environments.
The guide features an extended range of EXD fittings, together with eleven liquid tight conduit ranges, this brochure brings together Flexicon's hazardous area offer in one handy reference document.
The new PVC coated metal conduit can be found on the website in the wire management category under “conduit and wraps” where it joins split nylon conduit, metal conduit fittings for EMT pipe, metal conduit fittings for PVC pipe, metal conduit fittings for NPT, PG, & metric threads, unsplit polyethylene conduit, flexible conduit adapters, flexible conduit fittings, unsplit nylon conduit split polypropylene conduit, EZ dispenser split nylon conduit, slit harness wrap, slit harness installation tool, spiral cut wire wrap, and spiral wrap products.
Installation of the HDPE conduit was done using cut and cover, and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) under a forested area.
In the past, many conduits and investment banks shied away from smaller loans--that is, transactions in the $1.
Conduit pleaded not guilty to blackmail, but was convicted by a jury last month.
issuers, bondholders, conduit borrowers, and the Federal Government).
Next make two shafts by sliding a piece of 1/2-inch conduit inside a piece of 3/4-inch and bend into a "Z" shape (double strength needed for shafts).
Two separate controls handle the melt rate and level of the furnace charger conduit with cover.
A backhoe operator was lifting concrete from a sidewalk for construction work and was probing for the depth of the conduit to work around it when he hit it, a Los Angeles County Fire Department official said.
Not surprisingly, the mind-set of a conduit lender varies considerably from that of an insurance company Because the conduit lender will be selling its mortgage for inclusion in a CMBS offering, it regards the mortgage as a trade.
In Notice 97-21, the IRS noted that certain persons are engaging in multiple-party financing transactions designed to allow a person (the sponsor) to avoid tax on substantial amounts of income (or to shelter substantial amounts of other income), by using a conduit entity whose income tax treatment artificially allocates the conduit's income to participants not subject to Federal income tax.
Conduit can confirm that the purchase is expected to represent an approximate $100 million stake at a $1.