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a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass

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To be classified as conduit debt, debt must meet five criteria:
One Conduit staff member said: "We were told not to share this news.
Conduit is also planning to begin the sale process for its 22mw wind power plant in Monterrey, Mexico in 2018, Osorio added.
At times, under the road is the only place to put the conduits. According to ( Stephen Blum , a community broadband consultant, large telephone and cable companies oppose the Dig Once legislation.
It's obvious that you have to pull and then push on the handle of the bender to bend the conduit. But you also have to step on the footpad.
"Our goal was to create a cart that moves easily, but locks into place to hold conduit in position," said Cortinovis.
The BC Conduit factory was built in cooperation with the Swiss company BOSS and is equipped with the latest technologies.
Using Flexicon's ATEX and IECEx Ex D flameproof barrier glands, specifiers can select from any of its compatible liquid tight conduit systems.
The above-described malformations make 13-15% of all CHDs, and approximately 5-6% of them would need a valved conduit for primary repair.1 Despite numerous studies, the ideal valved conduit to repair these complex congenital heart defects is yet to be developed.
The addition of PVC coated metal conduit falls in a long line of new product introductions that will undoubtedly continue over the course of the next several months and beyond.
Conduit will spin off its Client Connect business, which includes its monetisation and distribution platform for publishers and developers.
As a manufacturer with the broadest range of flexible conduit systems, Adaptaflex has led the way in testing its conduit systems and offering approvals to guarantee that all their products fully comply with BS EN 61386.
Different types of conduit were used in order to establish right ventricle to pulmonary artery continuity, including; Freestyle conduit, in three patients; Gore-tex conduit were used in two patients; a Contegra conduit was used in one patient; a Hemashield, Xenograft and pulmonary homograft were used in the others.
The ileal conduit has been considered the standard urinary diversion method after cystectomy.
M2 PHARMA-November 9, 2012-Tengion Inc receives additional US Notice of Allowance for Neo-Urinary Conduit product candidate using scaffolds and cells(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS