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a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass

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Using our flameproof barrier gland with flexible conduit means the specifier can choose from a far wider choice of systems for cable protection within hazardous areas than they have had in the past.
Custom lengths can be ordered and sometimes a single reel will hold thousands of feet, which puts more conduit at the site to further expedite installation," he continued.
In fact--when it comes to Wall Street conduits--the right intermediary will often deliver better terms by working with conduits quietly engaged in this scale of business, rather than some of the more obvious choices.
During the three-hour drive, Conduit took Mr Cochran in the back of his car, phoned his father, visited a Peugeot garage to get an estimate of the damage, visited Mr Cochran's cousin because he was told he might be able to help, and finally went with Mr Cochran to a bank to withdraw cash, flashing his card at the cashier and giving the impression he was from the police.
The issuer is the governmental agency issuing the bonds, and the conduit borrower may not receive notice of the audit for many months.
Similarly, conduit lenders are forging relationships with the best intermediaries to ensure that they are delivered transactions that meet both their quality and their quantity goals.
an investment in the conduit is economically partially or fully self-amortizing, taking into account all relevant factors, including options to buy or sell (i.
Conduit reacquired Jamaica Energy Partners and the right to develop the West Kingston Power Project through the firm's Latin Power III Fund in mid-2009.
SIMpull Cable-in-Conduit can be custom ordered so that nearly any cable we manufacture can be delivered already inside the conduit.
Suitable for applications such as refrigeration plants or cold rooms, LTPPU blue is a liquid tight conduit range with an IP rating of IP68 or IP69k.
In exchange for licensing its toolbar, Conduit keeps a portion of the revenue that is earned every time a consumer uses the toolbar.
Repairing broken polyvinylchloride (PVC) conduit is no longer an arduous and time-consuming task with the new Carlon PVC Conduit Repair System from Thomas & Betts.
Coventry Crown Court heard that Conduit, 27, of Clarence Street, Nuneaton, had duped his victim by flashing his court enforcement officer's badge.
An unusual S-shaped die adapter allowed a maker of PVC and polyethylene pipe to produce fiber-optic conduit without making a costly switch to crosshead dies.