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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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It can be known that the temperature dependence of electrical conductivity can be expressed by the Arrhenius law as:
Figures 3 and 4 show the effect of temperature on the ionic conductivity and electronic conductivity, at CO/C[O.
Mastitis is a persistent, inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue, which entails a decline in potassium, and is responsible for a higher somatic cell count and electrical conductivity of milk (Gaspardy et al.
In increasing the number of somatic cells, electrical conductivity of milk will increase (P<0.
The objectives in this study are to investigate the thermal conductive mechanisms in polymer multiphase composites and to estimate the thermal conductivities of the polymer composite filled with two kinds of thermal conductive fillers using the thermal conductivity equation based on a new conductive model, to be helpful to the development of polymer multiphase composites.
As stated above, there have been a number of theoretical or empirical models for predicting thermal conductivity of polymer binary composite systems, such as Russell model [14], Maxwell-Eucken model [15], Bruggeman model [16], ChengVachon model [17], and Liang-Qiu model [12].
Data shown on Table 1-5 indicated high levels of TDS, salinity, and conductivity in two study sites in Lapasan (e.
However, the determined RQ (2) for conductivity showed risk in reference to WHO guideline of 250 uS/cm.
In principle, there are two concerns regarding electrical conductivity of ATFs and other lubricants.
In general, the methods for measuring thermal conductivity of soils can be classified into two categories, i.
Thermal conductivity is the sum of the material's interior thermal conduction and heat radiation (Hager 1967).
In the present paper, MA and SP with high thermal conductivity are partially replaced with normal aggregates.
0] = Electrical conductivity at absolute zero of temperature