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a material's capacity to conduct electricity

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In environments with severe water stress (50% ETc), stomatal conductance decreased in plants that did not suffer reduction in leaf area in initial growth stages, regardless of the evaluated period (Figure 2A and B).
Leaf stomal conductance was measured in mmol m-2s-1 with a porometer (SC-1, Decogon Devices, USA), leaf chlorophyll content index (CCI) was measured with a chlorophyll meter (CCM-200, Opti-Sciences, USA) and photosynthesis rate was measured in umol O2 m-2 s-1 with a photosynthesis measurement device (PH1LP, Qubit System, USA).
This is due to the randomness of the deposition of individual soot particles on the sensing element, which, in turn, generates variation in the sensor conductance as the particles unite to form conductance paths across the sensor electrodes.
There are three basic levels of conductance at the topical points by a properly calibrated instrument:
By using nth harmonic balanced conductance and nth harmonic balanced susceptance parameters, the balanced current component can be expressed as;
The limiting molar conductance 0 and dissociation constants Ka of propionic acid were measured at different temperatures.
1b), measured under natural and low [O2] (21% and 1%, respectively), and diffusion conductance (Fig.
To investigate this, researchers attached recording electrodes to infants' feet at age one and measured their skin conductance at rest, in response to loud noises, and after encountering a fear-inducing remote-controlled robot.
Some of the techniques recently developed for estimating the thermal contact conductance are based on experimental temperature data at one or several interior positions of the contacting solids.
Changes in oxidation-reduction and specific conductance were the result of the loss of dissolved oxygen in the lake sediment microzone.
The results indicate that the adsorption of formaldehyde upon the aluminum nitride nanotubes is in favor of their electrical conductance.
Cavitation would result in total loss of hydraulic conductance in the absence of any regulative mechanisms of transpiration [4].
A conductance tester, such as the Pulse Tech (PT) 490 conductance tester is very sensitive.
The ground based FLTEM survey results have clearly confirmed the presence of strong, legitimate bedrock conductors and enabled constrained modelling of both the depth/location/orientation of each bedrock source and also the true strength or conductance of each target.
STM differential conductance of a disordered extreme type-II superconductor high magnetic fields.