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Synonyms for condone

Synonyms for condone

to grant forgiveness to or for

Synonyms for condone

excuse, overlook, or make allowances for


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One last point, and again I'm not condoning the taking of those photos, but you have to admit that he couldn't have committed the act(s) had those women not exposed themselves to him and anyone else passing by.
According to the news agency REGNUM, Russia's General Military Staff warned on Sunday that in the event of ISIL terrorists obtaining US-made Stinger missiles, the issue of condoning terrorism would be submitted for consideration by the UN Security Council.
By condoning blacklisted customers), the overloading and explosion of electric transformers could be prevented, the occurrence and hazard of fire would be lessened, the cost of the so-called 'system loss' would be minimized, and an income for both the electric utility and the government could be generated through payment of the correct bill and taxes," the resolution added.
Far be it from me to suggest that Shakespeare was condoning wife beating in Taming Of The Shrew or murder in the Scottish play, and what was Tennessee Williams up to with his Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ?
The current antics of the European politicians are only condoning the principle of using sport as a political tool, and only storing up problems for ourselves in 2012.
Mahony has degraded the ethics and morals of the church by condoning this type of behavior, and in the process encouraging others to follow.
Disgusting that the likes of Bishop Sheridan and others work so singlemindedly against abortion and birth control, while condoning the policies of an Administration that takes the lives of tens of thousands of innocents in far-off lands.
However, it would be highly disingenuous for Israeli, European or American architects and planners to celebrate and romanticize the built achievements of the European settlers of the 1930s in Tel Aviv, while overlooking and so condoning the ongoing systematic efforts of the Zionist project to negate, marginalize and destroy indigenous Palestinian culture.
By prohibiting drugs we are condoning a black market when legalisation would bring new revenue to the NHS.
A PROMOTION for cigarette papers was banned by the advertising watchdog today because it could be seen as condoning the use of cannabis.
The court found triable issues of fact regarding whether the officer's resignation was voluntary and if the department had a custom or policy of condoning a "code of silence.
The award-winning singer, whose mother is Scottish, also described Britain's role in the Gulf War as condoning murder.
Management] will say workplace harassment is not condoned, but by not fulfilling it in their acts, they are actually condoning it with a wink and a nod.
Bishop Kunonga's pronouncements from the pulpit and elsewhere have divided Anglicans, many of whom see him as condoning violence committed by Zanu-PF supporters.
No one is suggesting that this be done violently-this would certainly be against Christian charity-but by condoning this type of behavior one is giving tacit approval, and contributing to the epidemic that is AIDS.