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Synonyms for condone

Synonyms for condone

to grant forgiveness to or for

Synonyms for condone

excuse, overlook, or make allowances for


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According to the law, 'all unpaid ISF and the corresponding penalties of farmers with eight (8) hectares and below to NIA, and all loans, past due accounts and the corresponding interests and penalties of IAs to NIA, are hereby condoned and written off from the books of NIA.
Shri Singh said that response of State Govt received on 24 October, 2016 and delay condoned by centre on 26 October, 2016, which is fastest in the history.
A spokesman said: "Ofcom is investigating whether this news item, about an American company launching a range of cannabis products, condoned, encouraged or glamorised the use of illegal substances.
POOR nursing care in Welsh hospitals will not be condoned, the head of the profession's representative body has warned.
Dilangalen, however, clarified that such move does not mean his leadership has already condoned the illegal activities of the BIFF.
Having deliberated over the present political juncture in presence of former Prime Ministers including Fouad Siniora, the Shari'a Council condoned Prime Minister Mikati's passing of STL funding bill as part of seeking the truth surrounding Rafic Hariri's assassination in order to make justice as well as carrying out Lebanon's commitment to the International Community.
Mumbai Greenpeace India has alleged that Jairam Ramesh, Minister of Environment and Forests, has condoned Tata Steel and L and T's violation of the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) 1980 in their joint Dhamra port project in Orissa.
Summary: An ad for Hovis bread has escaped a ban despite complaints that it condoned anti-social behaviour and bullying.
AN advertisement for Hovis bread has escaped a ban despite complaints that it condoned anti-social behaviour and bullying, a watchdog said today.
apparently took me seriously when I said the Old Testament condoned smoking because it described Rebecca as lighting off her camel.
South African rugby chiefs have issued a statement apologising for comments following the second Test which they say appear to give the impression they condoned eyegouging.
The Kirk's leadership wasn't suggesting the Bible condoned a gay lifestyle.
Ms Gunn said: "I think it's absolutely outrageous the BBC has condoned this leak.
AND CONGRESS HELPED THEM DO IT isn't just another book about Enron: it considers the rise of corporate scandals as a whole, pinpointing an atmosphere of greed condoned by Congress itself.
Today, nearly two decades later, Zhou looks back on those times and asks, "How do you think a society where that type of behavior was condoned, no, not condoned, mandated, can heal itself?