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Synonyms for condone

Synonyms for condone

to grant forgiveness to or for

Synonyms for condone

excuse, overlook, or make allowances for


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2 billion it already collected in the last 12 months from its loan condonation program.
The SSS said it 'hopes to implement the loan condonation program regularly with the approval of its proposed charter amendments.
One of the provisions of the proposed bill is to rationalize the power of the Social Security Commission, which includes making it an approving authority for loan condonation programs instead of the President of the Republic of the Philippines,' it noted.
The report shall include the names and addresses of employers whose penalty delinquencies have been the subject of compromise or condonations.
Aside from condonations from the lady senator that she accused the committee of being a kangaroo court, only to find out today that she herself persuaded this witness not to appear and heed earlier invitations and summons,' Roque said.