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the state of being conditional

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8220;DataArt was an essential partner throughout the iterative design and implementation phases for Conditionality,” said the product's architect, “making it possible for our team to connect an ambitious vision with the right technologies to make it practical for busy investors.
The specific conditions incorporated into this if-and-only-if conditionality can be one of two types (Garner, 1995, p.
The article is composed of two sections: the theoretical overview of EU conditionality and the case-study analysis.
He said: "I support the principle of conditionality as a way of encouraging active participation.
Finally, Lowe uses the notions of possibility and necessity in his analysis of conditionality.
The mission will discuss with the authorities the impact of the lower oil price on the economy, including program conditionality.
Lets cut through all the complexity, conditionality, sanctions and means testing of the benefit system and give every UK residentman, woman and child- a citizen's or basic income, whether on no wage, low or high wage,carer, part-time worker, student or a person with disabilities.
Closing down of the four units was part of the EU's conditionality during Bulgaria's accession talks, as Brussels argued their reactors did not meet modern standards.
Regional factor, as well as socio-economic conditionality actualize opening of new international flights from the Osh Airport to Dubai, Sharjah, Istanbul, Kashgar, Astana, etc.
Schmitter (1996) has added a fourth category, conditionality, being applied by economic sanctions, while control was based upon military sanctions; EU enlargement was an example of conditionality (4).
Commenting on Kyprianou's address, DISY president Averof Neophytou described AKEL's stance as "positive and constructive", despite conditionality.
Among the topics are whether the stabilization and association process can be a framework for European Union enlargement, the unbearable weight of structure and state building in the Europeanization of Croatia, evidence from electoral management for European Union conditionality as a transforming power in Macedonia, a critical retrospective of the European Union's strategy in Kosovo 1999-2010, environmental impact assessment processes in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Western Balkans as a test case for the transformative power of Europe.
However, donors usually give aid to the same recipients over time, and allowing for repeated interactions between the parties gives the result that the recipient is able to influence the company to generate pressure against conditionality.
The second line of argumentation relates to the mode of action of conditionality itself.
The downgrades reflect recent disclosures that reveal the increasing conditionality under which government support may be provided to the entities, it said.
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