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a logical relation between propositions p and q of the form 'if p then q'

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When dealing with complex stimuli, as in the current research, a conditional relation cannot be defined merely by the sample and positive comparison stimuli because that sort of definition does not indicate the elements of the stimuli that are controlling behavior.
The results of studies that are not in agreement with the hypothesis formulated herein are those presented by Pilgrim and Galizio (1995), in which two equivalence classes, each with three stimuli, were trained (Phase 1) and a conditional relation for each of the classes was reversed (Phase 2).
Participants displaying this pattern did not learn any conditional relation but simple negative discriminations.
In that study, in the BC conditional relation of Condition B, there was only one C stimulus that was not presented with each B sample, so that stimulus was necessarily the S+.
These data do not provide evidence of the property of symmetry in any conditional relation.
2012) and Travis, Fields, and Arntzen (in press) have noted that meaningful stimuli serve as discrimanda for particular responses, as members of conditional relations, and as members of other categories.
The relative influence of the type of conditional relation alone, however, cannot be discerned from the present experiment.
Each 48-trial block comprised six trials for each conditional relation.
On such arbitrary-matching training trials, each correct occurrence of the conditional relations Ax-Bx or Bx-Cx is followed by the unique outcome Ox.
When the trial-based percentage approximates 100% correct responding, one can reasonably conclude that the conditional relations have been established between sample and related comparison stimuli, and the phenomenon under study has been demonstrated.
Such conditional discrimination, or conditional relation, between the A and B stimuli is designated as AB.
In the differential outcomes task condition, each conditional relation was followed by a unique outcome: Participants consistently received one outcome following correct responses to one conditional relation and another outcome following correct responses to the other conditional relation.
A typical stimulus equivalence study is characterized by the training of some conditional arbitrary relations between a set of stimuli and the testing for the emergence of other conditional relations that show the properties of reflexivity, symmetry, and transitivity, as Sidman and Tailby (1982) initially specified.
He pointed out that the meeting heard to four visions represented in call for normalization of relations with Israel, establishment of normal relations, establishment of conditional relations and another view which prevents relations with the Israeli entity .
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