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Synonyms for acceptance

Synonyms for acceptance

the act or process of accepting

favorable regard

Synonyms for acceptance

the mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true

the act of accepting with approval

(contract law) words signifying consent to the terms of an offer (thereby creating a contract)

banking: a time draft drawn on and accepted by a bank

a disposition to tolerate or accept people or situations

the act of taking something that is offered

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As a brand-new ACO unfamiliar with conditional acceptance, I decided to investigate this concept further before making any decision.
He has not so far been named officially but he has received the backing of the main opposition groups and the conditional acceptance of Berlusconi's center-right PDL after objections from several factions in the party were overcome.
This move follows reports that Iran has given its conditional acceptance to the extension of US troops in Iraq.
This piece of kit, known as Fluid Transfer System (FTS), has been given conditional acceptance by the US authorities as the key component in the safety protocol which should be adopted in future spills.
Selectmen Chairman James Stanton changed the written wording of the article to include a conditional acceptance of the two roads.
This, believes Kohn, "is the epitome of conditional acceptance."
Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) (OTCBB: CPTC) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, CTC Cable Corporation, has achieved Rural Utilities Service (RUS) ( conditional acceptance of its ACCCEeA Conductor.
For example, consider the following review, which recommended conditional acceptance of a manuscript during the first round of the review process:
The sale has received conditional acceptance from the TSX-Venture Exchange and is subject to review.
O'Brien trots out the quote from the 1983 bishops' pastoral about deterrence being only a "temporary" conditional acceptance of nuclear weapons.
Ellens believes that most of us resist the acceptance of God's radical grace because (1) it means we must give up our attempts at self-justification and cast ourselves on the mercy of God and (2) we must give up our attempts to keep others under control through conditional acceptance. Instead, the author advocates embracing our role as God's compatriots in promoting God's kingdom.
Yet he himself notes that, "Historians are unanimous in the opinion that Byrnes played a decisive role in rejecting Japan's conditional acceptance of the Potsdam ultimatum." He then goes on to show why this is not so.
Convenience stores and educational facilities were perceived to have the same rejection rate as department stores, but the rate of conditional acceptance of department stores was reported to be correspondingly high.
of Ghana) and Dinello (principle political scientist, Global Development Network), these eight essays from the January 2005 Annual Global Development Conference reflect three major themes: the interrelationship among trade, aid, and migration as engines of development; the importance of conditional acceptance of globalization as an adjustment to the new global reality depending on specific contexts; and the need for effective means of building on global interdependence to maximize globalization's benefits and minimize its costs.
I've had a conditional acceptance from Warwick University.