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an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid

a hollow coil that condenses by abstracting heat

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lens used to concentrate light on an object

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In general, separation condensers can be either microchannel condensers or round-tube finned condensers.
Filmwise condensation is the most common and least efficient type of condensation used in traditional condensers.
After the installation of such condenser units power plants do not release the flue gas with the temperature of 120-170[degrees]C directly from the boiler into the atmosphere, but direct the flue gas into the condenser, where it is cooled to 30-50[degrees]C, which is below the dew point of water vapor.
The condenser plays an important role in the generation of electricity, and is a critical component used in all types of power plants.
The condenser is made up of three sections connected by equalizing ducts, with each section measuring 26m in length and weighing 700,000kg.
While this article primarily discussed open circuit cooling towers, the fan speed control requirements mentioned earlier also apply to closed circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers, dry coolers, and air cooled condensers.
Water from the condenser can leak onto the airbag control module, which could cause the airbag to inflate and deploy at the wrong time, Toyota said.
Many plants have underperforming evaporative condensers due to lack of maintenance.
GEA has also developed a new series of GEA Searle condensers especially for employment in trans-critical CO2 systems
The slide hammer, the ground rod and the jacks ram the condensers and bend the fins.
The units have hermetically sealed scroll compressors, stainless-steel brazed-plate evaporators, and a choice of shell-and-tube water-cooled condensers or aluminum micro-channel remote air-cooled condensers.
Products and services include open cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and ice thermal storage equipment.
Condenser selections include internal or external condensers, plate or coil type condensers with any orientation against the tray chamber.
RiNano is a thin coating that repels oil, dust and powder particles, preventing them from attaching to the condensers.