condenser microphone

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microphone consisting of a capacitor with one plate fixed and the other forming the diaphragm moved by sound waves

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Electret condenser microphones traditionally used in respiratory signal analysis exhibit significantly worse power efficiency than their MEMS counterparts.
The next 20 years saw the development of the thermophone, a calculable source of sound for calibrating microphones [12], substantial expansion of the theory underlying microphone calibrations [13-17], and the development of improved condenser microphone designs suitable for mass production [18,19].
Former Chief Rabbi of Israel: The operating principle of the condenser microphone means that our speech does not create new voltage or electric current.
Developed sensory system consists of microphone array with 15 omnidirectional condenser microphones with optimised geometry for frequency range of 1500 Hz to 2000 Hz and 16 channel preamplifier combined with anti-aliasing filter.
The Microphone--The electret condenser microphone is the most commonly used microphone in surveillance equipment.
When I attempted to connect a Shure lavaliere condenser microphone, I couldn't find a Phantom power switch, so I asked Blackmagic support and confirmed that the unit does not supply Phantom power.
The sound source was a 6 mm diameter condenser microphone cartridge (Bruel & Kjaer (2) 4135) mounted in a flange and placed in one of the ports.
It offers the performance of the AK5354 while integrating a low-noise preamplifier (+40 dB to 60 dB) and a condenser microphone power supply.
The instrument was recorded dry using a single condenser microphone in a close mic position and through an analogue mixer in order to retain a warmer, more natural sound.
Although MXL is known primarily for producing high quality, affordable studio condenser microphones, its entry into live performance is significant, as the company expects the LSC 1N/1B to have the same impact as the MXL 990, MXL's famous condenser microphone that broke the price barrier for working musicians.