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Synonyms for condense

Synonyms for condense

to make short or shorter the duration or extent of

to make thick or thicker, especially through evaporation or condensation

Synonyms for condense

undergo condensation

cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid

become more compact or concentrated

develop due to condensation

compress or concentrate

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When the interior is cool and dry, and the exterior is warm and moist, water condenses under the vinyl wallcovering, resulting in an explosion of mold growth.
In fact, most such boilers condense 4% or less of the potential condensate.
Moisture in the cooling air condenses and forms clouds.
Fresh products of the pyrolysis reactions are not only "smelly" and "sticky," but are highly reactive in air and readily condense and polymerize.
And you get almost all of those BTUs back when the steam condenses on the cold radiators."
Heat Recovery Taking heat from the discharge gas in order to condense it to liquid and using the heat in some other process.
The use of seacoal in green sand formulation produces coal pyrolysis products from the mold, which can condense out of the smoke to form a carbonaceous coating on the duct walls, bags and cartridges.
As the steam's temperature drops, it condense back to liquid form and is discharged.
"Phosphate esters, for example, tend to fume off and condense, leaving deposits on molds that result in stress cracking.
First, the paragraph summarizing what it takes to get natural gas-fired flue gas to condense is accurate.
These habitats rely on the almost perpetual fog that forms as moisture-laden Caribbean winds rise up the eastern slopes of the mountains and pass through altitudes at which clouds condense, says Robert O.
Eventually the air at ground level (C) is being sucked up into the storm so fast that the pressure and temperature there drop enough for water vapor to condense. It's this condensed water vapor, swirling violently as it gets sucked into the storm, that you see as a funnel-shaped vortex cloud--a tornado.