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Synonyms for condensation

Synonyms for condensation

a short summary or version prepared by cutting down a larger work

Synonyms for condensation

(psychoanalysis) an unconscious process whereby two ideas or images combine into a single symbol

the process of changing from a gaseous to a liquid or solid state

atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold

the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together

a shortened version of a written work

the act of increasing the density of something

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Probably the only tool of its kind to remove condensation whilst production is in progress, Vikan's Condensation Squeegee understandably attracted considerable numbers of major end users at Cologne's Anuga FoodTec last month.
1 December 2011 - Swedish industrial technology company Opcon AB (STO:OPCO) said today it had won a contract to supply its SRE Renergi flue gas condensation equipment to Dutch flowers producer Kwekerij Wouters, which has already switched to biomass.
The variation of such film parameters has substantial influence on equipment performance being a function of the additional heat associated with latent heat when condensation occurs.
Condensation is tiny droplets of water that form on a cold surface when warmer air mixes with it.
Higher efficient gas-fired appliances in Category I venting systems are more likely to result in condensation within exterior masonry chimneys.
The Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction (KCR) is one of the most well known reactions in organic chemistry which was introduced by Emil Knoevenagel [1].
But it was proposed theoretically in the 1920s and, soon after superfluidity was discovered in liquid helium in the 1930s, researchers argued that Bose-Einstein condensation could be the explanation.
where, k - factor taking into account condensation conditions of raw cotton.
s Life Sciences division has added a new apoptosis detection kit for monitoring chromatin condensation to its CELLestial product line for live cell analysis.
Company's Condensation Control System removes moisture in the air by using desiccant dehumidification.
This latter case usually means that condensation is also occurring on the inside of the dome, probably dripping where it should not.
Owing to the small-diameter Ecocool chill rollers' cooling capability, the web can move directly from drying to chilling without condensation occurring.
The closer the condensation resistance number is to 100, the better the window prevents condensation.
It was assumed on basis of the results obtained that formation of pores in process of the vapor phase condensation is stiputated by both the <<shadow>> effect during growth of matrix grains exerted by particles of salt, accumulating on the condensation surface, and by interaction of the salt with the metal, which constitutes base of the material, with formation of volatile chlorides.
Quant Technologies introduced the QT-500, a condensation nucleation light scattering detector (CNLSD).