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infection that occurs while you are being treated for another infection

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Pathogenicity studies that focus on the 3 recognized Mycoplasma species in pigeons, the role of concurrent infections, and the presence of facilitating environmental factors may reveal the importance of mycoplasmas in inducing respiratory disease in racing pigeons.
Therefore, the present clinical study was undertaken to evaluate the clinical efficacy of Cefpodoxime proxetil and Ketoconazole along with a cleansing solution containing Boric acid and Acetic acid in the management of chronic otitis externa caused by a concurrent infection of Staphylococcus aureus and Malassezia pachydermatis.
Ten of these cases had resolution of symptoms and were considered true negatives and the remaining 5 cases had concurrent infections that directed management.
This range has been generally found to be lower than HIV status in concurrent infection with other related sexually transmitted infections.
Mohapatra et al conducted a study to compare the clinical features and outcome of concurrent infection with mono-infection of dengue and malaria in India.
We hereby report a rare case of a patient having concurrent infection with dengue, malaria and scrub typhus.
It's also hard when a kid comes in febrile, not looking great, to sit back and be assured that the numbers are really low for a concurrent infection.
Concurrent infection was found in 4 male patients for both HBsAg and Anti-HCV.
It is already reported that interaction between HIV and concurrent infection with hepatitis virus may alter the natural history.
Of the patients that are symptomatic from babesiosis, the majority are elderly or immunocompromised, either with a concurrent infection such as HIV, have a malignancy, are being treated with immunosuppressive therapy, or are asplenia (1,5) The manifestations of symptomatic babesiosis in immunocompromised patients are generally similar to those of immunocompetent patients; however, these individuals are also at risk for severe Babesia complications including a prolonged and relapsing course, respiratory failure, DIC, congestive heart failure, renal and liver failure, or death.
The possibility of cross reactivity with other helmintic antigens has also being raised in some studies, (16) although a study performed in Ivory Coast found no negative influence when their subjects had concurrent infection with soil-transmitted helminthes.
Concurrent infection due to malaria and dengue observed in six patients in our study was relatively uncommon14,15.
In HIV-positive patients there may be concurrent infection with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) because of the similar mode of transmission.
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