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Synonyms for concupiscent

Synonyms for concupiscent

vigorously passionate


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Similar theological conundrums arise over sexual desire: for example, was Adam concupiscent in Eden or were his erections, as Johannes Scotus Erigena claimed, freely commanded by will rather than the excitation of desire?
The innocent child-women were opposed to the frivolous and concupiscent ones.
Call the roller of big cigars, The muscular one, and bid him whip In kitchen cups concupiscent curds....
To further attest to this, the narrator at the Heroes' Acre recalls how, "It is known that one of the heroes we buried recently was not the fine upstanding family man of the presidential speech but a concupiscent septuagenarian who died from a Viagra-induced heart attack whilst inside [having sex] with an underage girl" (Gappah, 2009, p.
emphasize the concupiscent nature of Troilus and Criseyde's love,
Parry contends that Kurtz is portrayed as a "heroic transgressor" whose indulgence in "material and psychic gratifications" is less important to Conrad than "a fear of the concupiscent satisfactions believed to be on offer to the European in a primitive environment" (47).
Nor did the sounds I made distract Them from the enthusiasm of Their concupiscent offices that afternoon.
He also reminds us that although we have become a new creation through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, we are nevertheless participators in a perpetual struggle with what he calls the 'unruly' thoughts and deeds stemming from Original Sin and our subsequent concupiscent nature.
This is demonstrably the effect of Virgil's account of the plan on the pilgrim Dante who peppers the guide with questions that lead him to clarify the broad Aristotelian divisions of upper and lower Hell according to the medieval distinction between the concupiscent (upper Hell), and irascible and intellectual appetites (lower Hell), and to discourse on usury as a sin against nature.
Other efforts by Jose Arcadio's descendents such as the riverboat that Jose Arcadio Segundo brings also transforms the promise of modernity to a wonder that is domesticated into a carnival of concupiscent delights.
"Of the seven deadly sins," Amis wrote, "Roger considered himself qualified in gluttony, sloth and lust but distinguished in anger." The author was presciently describing himself as time went by, less concupiscent but continually angrier.
By contrast, their immoderately extended honeymoon is characterized by concupiscent self-indulgence on Erec's part: he treats his wife more like a paramour or mistress ("De li fist s'amie et sa drue" 1.
Moreover, the two East European beauties (Barbara Nedeljakova and jana Kadereabkova) who treat Paxton and Josh to a night of concupiscent fun are aphrodisiacal actors on the hostel's payroll, luring unsuspecting backpackers with the prospect of sex.