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a signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action

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Pacelli encouraged Pius XI to accept Hitler's terms for a German Concordat in 1933.
Concordats as Instruments for Implementing Freedom of Religion *
(2) By the 18th century, six concordats were signed; another fifteen were concluded in the 18th century and thirty in the 19th century.
In trying to answer this question, this article will first consider the concordat in light of the Second Vatican Council and the new canonical codification and then summarize the data emerging from practice, with special regard to the concordats concluded during the pontificate of John Paul II.
I welcome the recommendation for a review of the concordats, which set out the relationships between the administrations and Defra in view of the acknowledged need to improve communications.
Cardinal Pacelli may have been naive, especially in regard to Germany, but he thought that if the Vatican signed a concordat with the Reich, this would give the church legal grounds on which to combat totalitarianism.
There is no official state religion; however, the Roman Catholic Church receives some state support and other benefits established in concordats between the Government and the Vatican.
This analysis, focused on three Vatican concordats and the effect that they had on the European political stag(.,, is the work of John K.
This comparative analysis of the much-disputed Concordats signed by the Vatican with three European dictators of recent history provides a scholarly account of what now seems to many observers to have been unsavory deals.
These chapters also provide details on the Concordats and Cabinet Office Devolution Guidance Notes and on the first meetings of the Joint Ministerial Committee on Devolution and the British-Irish Council.
The code endowed the pope with the sole right to appoint bishops, but the new rule could not be implemented unless some major concordats were renegotiated.
Concordats governing the relationships between the Scottish Executive and the UK government were agreed last week.
Mr Reid, speaking after he and First Minister Donald Dewar unveiled the concordats in Glasgow, said: "They emphasise the need for communication and co- operation.
In the era of modern nation-states, the church leadership looked after its interests through a system of agreements, or concordats, between the Holy See, the headquarters of the church (since the 1929 Lateran pacts with Mussolini, housed in the sovereign 108-acre microstate of Vatican City in Rome), and national governments.
While the Holy See has concordats in place with other member states, including Italy, Latvia and Portugal, this one would have been the most far-reaching; in others, the sections on religious exemptions relate only to military service.