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a signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action

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This principle, which serves the purpose of avoiding any "temptation to appeal to the law of force rather than to the force of law," (67) had been invoked by Pope Pius X in his encyclical Vehementer Nos, when denouncing the French law of separation and consequent breach of the obligations descending from the concordat with the Holy See.
16) The Concordat is a legal agreement between the Roman seat and a country where the confession is Roman-Catholic.
While the encyclical specifically skewered Nazi Germany for breaking the concordat, the document also attacked the Nazi doctrines of racism and paganism.
On September, 19 professional engineering institutions, including the IED, signed up to the Engineering Diversity Concordat committing to address the gender, ethnicity and disability gap affecting the profession.
Pacelli was a faithful interpreter of the Vatican approach that saw the concordat model as an exemplary way of satisfying a dual need, that of building bridges between the Holy See and other states and of guaranteeing protection and rights for Catholics.
The greatest absence in Professor Spicer's study, however, is that of Monsignor Ludwig Kaas, head of the Catholic Center Party at the time of the concordat negotiations.
The Saudi royal family rules the Arabian kingdom in alliance with Wahhabi clerics, based on a concordat sealed more than 250 years ago between Prince Muhammad al-Saud and Shaikh Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahhab, a religious reformer whose puritanical concept of Salafism became known as Wahhabism.
The aim is for thousands of other organisations to sign the concordat, via the Work Wise website, www.
The Catholic Church maintains a separate agreement with the Government under the terms of the 1940 Concordat as amended in 2004 to comply with the 2001 Religious Freedom Act.
Moreover, the OFT is required to apply the principles of the Enforcement Concordat to its work on market investigation references, particularly to ensure that markets work well for fair dealing companies.
In December 1975, the Committee adopted the "Basel Concordat," calling on host- and home-country authorities to share supervisory responsibility for banks' foreign activities.
Some contemporary Lutherans have invoked this article of the Formula in their arguments about the recent Concordat between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Episcopal Church USA.
The signing of the concordat of full communion between the IFI and the Episcopal Church of USA in 1961 marked the beginning of the IFI's partnership with other churches in the Anglican communion, as noted in the formal agreement then reached:
Napoleon's concordat with the Holy See in 1801, which extended religious freedom to Catholics throughout France, was described as the "Victory of the Vendee.
Carroll's wandering as a teenage Army brat happened to take him to Trier; and that's enough to link him to: Constantine, for whom the city was an important power base; Crusader violence against the Jews (1096); Karl Marx, who was born in Trier in 1818; and Hitler, since the showing of the Seamless Robe of Christ in 1933 was part of a celebration of the concordat between the Vatican and the Nazi regime.