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being of the same opinion


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Concordantly, a comprehensive study has been already carried out on GSE36980 series to examine the alteration in the expression of diabetes-related genes in AD brains where they illustrated that hippocampi of AD brains have the most significant alteration in gene expression profile (57).
When both adolescents and their parents experience heightened diabetes-specific emotional distress (concordantly high), the adolescent experiences higher Alc and lower perceived diabetes strengths relative to concordantly lower reports.
[16] identified a concordantly dysregulated set of miRNA pairs in cancer cell lines.
Concordantly, every single rule presupposes the ascription of the ability to follow it to an agent--or, in other words, every single rule presupposes a rule that constitutes a competent agent.
Concordantly with the idea of a common direction indicator (heading indicator) synchronising group movement, (magnetic) alignment was more pronounced in groups than in solitary individuals (Hart et al.
Concordantly in a study conducted in Tamil Nadu, India, among yoga group, 24th week fasting blood glucose mean score was 122.99 mg/dl; after intensive practice of yoga, the mean score at 28th week was 106.31 mg/dl, 32nd week was 102.37 mg/dl, and 36th week was 90.27 mg/dl and the post prandial blood glucose mean score at 24th week was 160.45 mg/dl and after yoga, the mean score at 28th week was 140.14 mg/dl, 32nd week was 127.01 mg/dl, and 36th week was 117.13 mg/dl and concluded that there was a significant reduction in the fasting and postprandial blood glucose level in yoga group than control group at P < 0.001 level of significance.
Concordantly, a monophyletic circumscription of Cryphaeaceae would require excluding, at least, the genus Dendroalsia.
(45) Concordantly, studies using PET evidence the activation of the prefrontal regions during creative tasks.
As long as the mentioned CYP3A4/5 genetic variants are tested concordantly, leaving out the rare alleles is likely not to have affected the outcomes of these studies.
However, lactic acid could not be classified due to tissue disintegration after substance application, concordantly observed in all three laboratories.
Lionel here affirms the capacity of words and music to communicate concordantly: the "notes" can carry, can "freight" man's dearest prayers, pleas, and petitions.
This is a campus that I am allowed to be sad, happy, or in any mood I would like to be!" They seized the decision on the environment best suited for their learning and growing needs, strived to get along with environment and people harmoniously, and interacted concordantly with environment.
Concordantly, for Alban Forcione, the humor in Cervantes's narrative technique and the switch of perspectives that it generated is what truly impacts readers of "El celoso extremeno." Forcione stated that "Cervantes unexpectedly disjoints his narrative with a change of perspective that momentarily troubles his audience's perception of the boundaries between fiction and reality, and his narrator, suddenly stripped of his auctorial robe as it were, becomes, like ourselves, a puzzled observer rather than a source of truth" (86-87).
This hypothesis was recently confirmed by a proteomic analysis of IFN-[gamma] or IL-27-treated ovarian cancer cells, which showed that 82.2% of modulated proteins were concordantly regulated by the two cytokines.