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occurrence or existence together or in connection with one another

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To form a Catholic response to Protestants, theologians focused on the ancient practice of Viaticum (as supporting Eucharistic presence outside of the Mass) and, more than anything else, John 6 in relation to the Real Presence and concomitance.
However, previous research has not accounted for this concomitance when measuring the effects that sanctions have on international trade.
Toute forme de contact par Internet ou telephonie portable a ete coupee dans les regions d'Al-Ariche, d'al-Cheikh Zouwayid et du centre du Sinai vers 4h00, et ce en concomitance avec l'offensive menee par les Forces armees contre les groupes de terroristes armes dans la region.
Concomitance between childhood sexual and physical abuse and substance use problems: A review.
After the end of growth, in the case of uncontrolled pH, the antibacterial activity decreased drastically upon further fermentation, from the 12 h of fermentation and bacteriocin synthesis rate began to decrease in concomitance with the decrease in both the biomass production and pH drop rates.
Besides the dominance of economic indicators as such, the concomitance of insufficient or even misleading indicators was deplored.
De meme que Lamonde inclut l'affirmation des laics au sein de l'Action catholique parmi les facteurs d'evolution de l'opinion publique, il rappelle aussi la concomitance de la tenue du concile oecumenique de Vatican II avec l'orientation progressiste prise par la Revolution tranquille.
The frequency of factor V Leiden and concomitance of factor V Leiden with prothrombin 620210A mutation and methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase C677T gene mutation in healthy population of Denizli, Aegean region of Turkey.
He specified that the concomitance of this meeting, which brought together the elite of Tunisian skills in several fields in various countries of the world, with the celebration of the International Youth Year, testifies to Tunisia's success under the wise leadership of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who relies on the human capital and all Tunisians to achieve more successes and take up future challenges.
Through the doctrine of concomitance, Beovich emphasized that "He is present whole and entire under the species or appearance of either bread or wine.
21) The increase and decline in the employment rate seems to have coincided with the rise and fall in the overall economy; this apparent concomitance appears particularly likely given the fact that these mothers' jobs were more likely to be affected by the economic recession than those of their nonpoor counterparts.
We are confronted with a concomitance of ethics and violence that pivots on tropological excess or lack--on the resistant and provocative plus de metaphore.
The concomitance and suddenness of these radical changes called into question the traditional methods of strategic analysis and new analytical instruments are now required to gain insights into these new managerial realities.
Finally, the concomitance of her friend Nema's departure with the leaden years of the dictatorship during the Medici government originates again the symbolic interrelation of Risia's individual tragedy and the country's predicament.