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Synonyms for conclusion

Synonyms for conclusion

a position reached after consideration

a position arrived at by reasoning from premises or general principles

Synonyms for conclusion

a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration

an intuitive assumption

the temporal end

the proposition arrived at by logical reasoning (such as the proposition that must follow from the major and minor premises of a syllogism)

a final settlement

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You're a UN rapporteur then you make conclusions in the absence of any formal investigation, that's unbecoming.
The Council's conclusions are designed to "offer guidance" to the Commission in drawing up its action plan.
351 applied, but reached a somewhat different conclusion (Lessinger, 872 F2d 519 (2d Cir.
Oral explanations are not sufficient to document auditors' work or conclusions, but auditors may use them to clarify or explain information in the documentation.
We are unsure about the origination of additional points in Figures 2 and 4, but we used the data listed in Table 3 in forming our original conclusions, and we continue to support those conclusions.
Fourteen conclusions and recommendations were made in this study highlighting issues relating to "business process engineering and to partnerships and sharing between government and industry, including collaborative virtual prototyping (CVP).
Good critical thinkers clearly formulate vital questions and problems, gather and assess relevant information, come to well-reasoned conclusions, test their conclusions against relevant criteria and standards, think open-mindedly, communicate effectively, and are self-directed and self-disciplined (Browne & Freeman, 2000; Elder & Paul, 2002).
Many of Maloney's conclusions reinforce and extend earlier studies.
The Fathers of the Church, the past Popes, before Vatican II, also having access to the same texts of the Bible, arrived at another conclusion.
Hull raises concerns regarding our study design and the conclusions that were drawn, believing the conclusions to be premature (1).
Jasper's other conclusions and allow our industries to freely compete.
The opinion must not contain any internally inconsistent legal analysis or conclusions.
Yet unmentioned in the media coverage is that the anti-Wal-Mart research study cited in the pro-72 campaign is so biased that its conclusions are indefensible.
In general, an empirical approach is emphasized in these case studies with the consequence that the conclusions drawn may not necessarily apply to coalfields elsewhere with different geological settings.