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Synonyms for conclude

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Synonyms for conclude

to bring or come to a natural or proper end

to bring about or come to an agreement concerning

to put into correct or conclusive form

to make up or cause to make up one's mind

to arrive at (a conclusion) from evidence or reasoning

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Synonyms for conclude

bring to a close

reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation

come to a close

reach agreement on

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"We observed that some occupational groups of potentially exposed workers had a higher risk than others," concludes study director Paul A.
"The African bees seem to pick up European characteristics, then lose them because of natural selection, genetic dilution or lack of European input," Taylor concludes. In this way, the African bee seems to genetically "reconstitute itself," he says.
The Supreme Court had initially set a six-month deadline to conclude the four corruption references against the Sharif family.
The bench observed that Khawaja Haris, counsel for Nawaz Sharif, by seeking extension 10 more working days to conclude arguments in the case, using delay tactics.
Setting November 17 as the deadline for the accountability court to wrap up the Flagship Investment and Al-Azizia references, CJP warned that SC will not grant further extensions to conclude the trial if the references are not concluded by them.
DNA evidence of dwindling orangutan numbers emphasizes the need for intensive conservation efforts, the scientists conclude in the February PLoS Biology.
The Court viewed the delay of 15 to 20 seconds in Banks as sufficient given that a reasonably objective law enforcement officer could conclude that the danger of disposal of the drugs had ripened.
Although the reasons for the mechanisms of benefit associated with adenoidectomy and adenotonsillectomy are not proven, we can conclude that the grommet alone does not cure the disease.
Certainly, if reemployment is guaranteed, either by the employer or by statute, it would be more logical to conclude that the employment relationship never terminated.
Regarding the prohibited services: the SEC determined that an auditor could provide these services to an audit client where it is reasonable to conclude that the service will not be subject to audit procedures.
Despite all the hype, the NRDC concludes, "While much tap water is indeed risky, having compared available data, we conclude that there is no assurance that bottled water is any safer than tap water." Scientists at the University of Geneva arrived at the same conclusion, and add that, in 50 percent of the cases they studied, the only difference between tap and bottled water was that the latter contained added minerals and salts, "which do not actually mean the water is healthier." In 1997, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization concluded that bottled water does not have greater nutritional value than tap water.
Therefore, they conclude that it remains uncertain if long-term use of lower doses of estrogen is associated with an elevated risk of ovarian cancer.