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Synonyms for conclude

Synonyms for conclude

to bring or come to a natural or proper end

to bring about or come to an agreement concerning

to put into correct or conclusive form

to make up or cause to make up one's mind

to arrive at (a conclusion) from evidence or reasoning

Synonyms for conclude

bring to a close

reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation

come to a close

reach agreement on

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69-136 concludes that differential payments are not wages and the IRS appears to respect that ruling, arguably an employer that concludes that Rev.
Although Co-op America concludes that there is little evidence of a link between phthalate exposure from bottled water and any health problems, the group suggests using glass over plastic bottles as a precaution.
She concludes that the consumption patterns that fueled the restaurant trade and created "gastronomic spaces" in private homes during the nineteenth century evolved from public discussions on the "science of taste.
He concludes that librarians must devise new "flexible" methods for humanities e-text selection.
Theirs is a critique of First World society that concludes with demands for "thoroughgoing reforms in economic and political systems" (63).
The Working Party proposes to clarify that mere participation in meetings for the negotiation of contracts will not, in itself, support a decision that the person has exercised an authority to conclude contracts in the name of a foreign enterprise.
Although various analyses disagree on the extent of future costs, they justify taking action "beyond no regrets" strategies, concludes the IPCC.
The TAM concludes that, unlike the costs at issue in Plainfield-Union, the costs incurred by the taxpayer in removing the asbestos "increased the value, use and capacity of the taxpayer's property as compared to the status of its property in its original asbestos-containing condition.
For example, officers who receive consent to search an area for drugs can logically conclude that they may search wherever drugs reasonably could be hidden.
Generally, all purchasers of cooperative or condominium apartments need to obtain a loan to conclude their purchase.
Two independent reviews by scientists included in the report conclude that the DHS violated state guidelines when it failed to pass on the cancer survey information to other health experts and the public, and that it needs to take a closer look at the findings.
17) Although not binding precedent, this statement prompted several lower courts to conclude that anticipatory invocations of the Miranda right to counsel are ineffective.
Tides caused on Triton by Neptune could have made Triton almost entirely molten during most of its unusual orbital evolution, they conclude.