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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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This attention to word deletion seems to connect with WriteLab's claims: According to the WriteLab FAQ, "After a year of beta testing, we found that students like working in our Concision Module--they prefer tightening their prose over expanding it to fit minimum word requirements.
Lecture eighteen engages the difficult "Transition to the Concept" with admirable accuracy and concision.
Like Schutt's two previous novels, Prosperous Friends is relatively short, but the poetic concision and allusiveness of her prose give the story more heft than a mere 200 pages would suggest.
1, which is a model of concision (there's not even an extended cadenza) and possesses a melodic grace that never outstays its welcome.
Dans ses tableaux, Valentina Ghanem Pavlovskaya privilegie l'expression sur la narration, la concision sur la mise en scene.
It began as his doctoral dissertation years ago and advances the idea that great or moving poetry juxtaposes the desire to say more (plerosis) and speaks to universal truths on the one hand and the desire for concision and precision, if not purity, in language (kenosis).
We've worked hard to improve the quality of medical writing in submitted manuscripts, focusing on concision and avoidance of cliches.
It can be easily observed that, the Kalabari language, like many evolving languages, tends to express technical matter through description or circumlocution, rather than concision which, according to Martins and Vigner (1976) is necessary for technical speech.
com)-- Concision Research, Inc is pleased to announce a recent relocation and expansion into metro Atlanta.
No one writes with his brand of clarity, concision, invention, and vision.
Perhaps it's not surprising that a composer as complex and productive as Carter would turn to short pieces at this phase in his life, and that the concision of the short lyric would suit his purposes.
Fans of the lyrical King of Concision, Cynan Jones, will love his new novella on drug smuggling, Everything I Found on the Beach.
The concision of the 2200 articles provides generally correct results that may be useful for beginners.
It was a point made with wit and concision, in stark contrast to the increasingly acrimonious level of debate surrounding Racing For Change that has been boiling away since Jim McGrath's widely regretted resignation from the BHA board.
The result is an almost Hemingwayesque concision with which this story burns along energetically and a restrained bile that makes it a pleasure to read.