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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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The swirling dances at the ball framed the handsome pair as they fell in love, and Andrew Pacho (Dog) and Debbi Fuhrman (Cat), from Antigravity Dance Company, profinesse, whimsy, and a gift for conciseness make Christensen's dance images delightfully unique on videotape, onstage, or wherever they're seen
This original study, written with verve and conciseness, deserves to be read by all those interested in the cultural history of the Cinquecento because of the light it sheds on that history while it charts the development, or rather the devolution, of the dialogue from Castiglione's Cortegiano to Guarini's Segretario.
Stories will be judged on authenticity, humor, conciseness and must involve family, friends or a loved one.
Part 3 (50 pages) is devoted to ESL writers; a grammar subsection offers advice on articles, verbs, and prepositions, while a rhetorical subsection explains cultural assumptions about readers and the purposes for writing in US legal culture, covering culturally determined patterns in writing and issues of conciseness versus repetition.
A new, standardized and internationally viable name assures the conciseness and distinguishability of the individual products.
The main strengths of the book are its breadth and conciseness in examining an important array of contemporary objections to natural theology and the interesting use and analysis of a variety of thinkers in the Christian religious and Western philosophical tradition.
Some late Beethoven Bagatelles had an almost Webernian allusiveness and conciseness.
1a provides many enhancements for advanced design including the extension of memory system tasks for complex memory modeling, operator overloading for simplified expressions, and tagged unions with pattern matching for code conciseness and improved formal analysis.
Part of a series intending to make concepts associated with specific law school course materials easily understandable to upper division law students by emphasizing clearness and conciseness of language and de-emphasizing footnotes, citations, and the like, this volume addresses appeals courts processes and advocacy in the United States.
The clear and conciseness of the menu structure ensures that the vast majority of information is available in less than three clicks.
The strengths of this book are its conciseness and organization and its excellent annotated bibliography.
Conciseness, he says, is a well-thought-through aspect of the narrators' storytelling, and it sustains the multiple levels of meaning.
Most survey respondents also said that in spite of its conciseness, the summary gave them complete information.
He will detail a three-step process, including print engine setup, densitometric tuning for conciseness and colorimetric tuning for accuracy.
The author starts with writing style basics such as clarity, conciseness and coherence before moving onto the guidelines for punctuation, spelling and word usage standards that may be particular to government policies.