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in a concise manner

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As concisely as possible I exposed to him the state of mind poor Mrs.
Miss Abbey, with manifest tokens of astonishment, took the diminutive document, and found it to run concisely thus:--
Solutions to Limitations - Please concisely describe specific approaches or concepts that would address any of the above limitations.
To meet their needs, spokespeople need to answer questions clearly and concisely to allow the reporter or other stakeholder to probe the organization's logic by asking as many questions as possible.
Commentary is not only entertaining and intelligently presented, but it concisely explains the nature of what is being viewed in relation to the element of art being described in each separate video or DVD (line, color, shape and form.
Concisely describing the concept of the Paschal mystery and its role in the Eucharistic Liturgy, The Way Of Mystery clearly explains the liturgy of the eucharist as a fundamental source of spiritual renewal and strength.
Concisely covering all road systems from the Quad Cities in Illinois and Iowa, and the Twin Cities of St.
Concisely written and easily absorbed text relates the state of the world's efforts to curb the destruction of many different kinds of turtles.
The concisely informative text is profusely illustrated with historical photography of the people and events that shaped, influenced, and reflected that particular decade.
The first chapter introduces the concept of transnational networks and concisely describes the goal of the book, the key questions employed, and the methods used.
You should be able to quickly and concisely answer any questions asked regarding your application without referring to the actual document.
As the focus on morphogenesis continues, dimorphism in several endemic mycoses is concisely reviewed.
In 1964 the great Italian designer Bruno Munari stated that the "task of the designer is to produce precise objects," to find the form best suited for expressing a given function concisely and with respect for the intrinsic qualities of materials.
A very highly recommended addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Music History collections, Classic Guitars is impressively enhanced with an impressively informed and informative introduction concisely describing the guitar's quite lengthy evolution as well as the twentieth-century explosion of creativity that has resulted in hundreds of outstanding American luthiers and the production of millions of guitars worldwide.
Just once I'd like to see a manufacturer step off this merry-go-round and present its product clearly, concisely, and with a minimum of hyperbole.