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Synonyms for conciliatory

Synonyms for conciliatory

making or willing to make concessions

intended to placate



References in classic literature ?
"Once more I beg of you to let the matter drop," he continued in a tone that was now entirely conciliatory. "One would think that it actually PLEASED you to have scenes!
But he first procures himself a hearing by conciliatory words.
Now, between Sam and Aunt Chloe there had existed, from ancient times, a sort of chronic feud, or rather a decided coolness; but, as Sam was meditating something in the provision department, as the necessary and obvious foundation of his operations, he determined, on the present occasion, to be eminently conciliatory; for he well knew that although "Missis' orders" would undoubtedly be followed to the letter, yet he should gain a considerable deal by enlisting the spirit also.
Sophia Antonovna lingered, talking in a friendly manner with an evident conciliatory intention.
Joe, who had ventured into the kitchen after me as the dust-pan had retired before us, drew the back of his hand across his nose with a conciliatory air when Mrs.
"Nothing," -- the cardinal spoke in his most conciliatory manner -- "except to beg of you to forgive my unworthy suspicions.
"Come, Hetty," said Martin Poyser, in a conciliatory tone, "go and get your supper i' the pantry, as the things are all put away; an' then you can come and take the little un while your aunt undresses herself, for she won't lie down in bed without her mother.
And she turned round towards Mademoiselle de la Valliere, whom she would by main force have dragged away from Montalais, and who, instead of obeying the impulse of Madame de Saint-Remy, looked first at her mother and then at Montalais with her beautiful conciliatory eyes.
Fed Chair Powell's dovish-leaning spin yesterday and a hint of a more conciliatory tone in U.S.
India has offered a conciliatory package to defuse trade tensions with Washington sparked by a decision by President Donald Trump last month to deny India preferential market access to the US, minister of commerce and industry Suresh Prabhu said on Wednesday.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Police will make conciliatory committees more effective at the level of each police station to immediately resolve the disputes of minor nature and ensure community involvement in policing affairs.
He said that conciliatory committees would be upgraded with the purpose of effective community policing., The cases of petty nature would be resolved by such committees while women would be also given representation in these committees so that they may assist in resolving the family or other disputes.
Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, gave this indication on Monday after long hours of conciliatory meeting with the representatives of ASUU led by its President, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi.
When Republicans objected, Nancy Pelosi's remarkably arrogant reply was "We won, you lost." Not exactly conciliatory.