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the collection and study of mollusc shells

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The identification of clams and cockle species was done mainly through the study of their conchological characters such as the morphology of shells, their color, luster and teeth (cardinal and lateral).
The aim of this study was to register the occurrence of Anodontites tenebricosus (Lea, 1834) in the Sapucai river basin, municipality of Sao Joaquim da Barra, Sao Paulo state, Brazil, as well as to provide conchological data that contribute to the species' identification, associating its occurence with the environment in which they are found.
A spokeswoman for the state body said: "One third of Ireland's snail, slug and bivalve fauna is under threat of extinction according to the recent Irish Red List by the National Biodiversity Data Centre in conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, and the Conchological Society of Britain and Ireland.
A combined phylogenetic analysis of morphological characters and mitochondrial DNA sequencing data by our team confirmed the hypothesis that certain conchological characters (G-type clausilium apparatus, Gittenberger and Schilthuizen 1996) are actually homoplasies and, [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] thus, do not contain any intergeneric phylogenetic information (Douris et al.
Literary immortality may well be denied him, but just before he left on the Grand Tour from which no traveller returns, Cyril Connolly assured his physical immortality in a daughter, Cressida, and a son, Matthew, namesake of the conchological major.
Williamson published a summary of conchological research in San Pedro Bay (Williamson 1894b) noting that the collection of shells and biological specimens from San Pedro bay occurred as far back as the 1850's and by James G.
Shells were readily available, even in places nowhere near an ocean: "The rice shells [a type of tiny shelll are brought from the West Indies and are sold by measure, or by the box, at the conchological repositories.
This could be due to their conchological resemblance with patellid limpets.
In light of the conservation needs for pistolgrip we undertook the following research objectives to: (1) examine gravid pistolgrip behavior, (2) describe conchological characters of glochidia, (3) identify suitable glochidia hosts and (4) assess the current distribution and status of pistolgrip in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Furthermore, Poppe and Goto (1992) proposed that the subgenus Pachycymbiola be elevated to genus status based solely on conchological characters; however, this arrangement has not been widely accepted and even criticized (Bondarev, 1996).
To compare the resolution and congruence of paleontological and neontological data in phylogeny reconstruction, West (1991) studied conchological and allozyme characters of the endemic thiarid gastropods of Lake Tanganyika.
He also wrote numerous popular articles for The Strandloper, the bulletin of the Conchological Society of Southern Africa, of which he was patron for many years.