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any of various edible tropical marine gastropods of the genus Strombus having a brightly-colored spiral shell with large outer lip

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Address : Htel De Ville Cs 20073 27190 Conches En Ouche
More than 130 dancers wearing feathers and clutching incense pots, shakers, conches and mandolins led the marchers through the streets, as homeowners on their porches watched the procession.
The equipment Buhler supplied included the chocolate mixing system equipped with a SMKN-1000 mixer, an SZAE-1300 two-roll prerefiner, two SFLE-18 five-roll refiners and three Frisse DUC-6 conches, in addition to various plant components.
WBCSD press contact: Alyson Slater WBCSD, 4 chemin de Conches, CH-1231 Conches-Geneva, Switzerland Tel: +41 22 839 3187; fax: +41 22 839 3131; E-mail: slater@wbcsd.
And while Shirley brings home coral and conches, Jim's gregarious nature helps him collect new friends along the way.
They can take in some sea films and, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, they can hear sea stories and see puppet shows about mollusks, those spineless wonders of the briny sea that make up more than 100,000 species, including clams, oysters, conches, snails, squid and octopuses.