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An unusual lateral ostium of a concha bullosa of the middle turbinate.
CT scan of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses showed a blocked right ostiomeatal complex and a soft-tissue lesion expanding the right nasal cavity with posterior nasopharyngeal extension and a right concha bullosa.
The patient underwent a right concha bullosa lateral-wall marsupialization and bilateral partial inferior turbinectomy under general anesthesia.
A bullous concha bullosa involves the inferior bulbous segment of the concha.
A true concha bullosa involves both the lamellar and bullous portions.
Pneumatized structures are common anatomic nasal and sinus findings, the most common of which is a concha bullosa of the middle turbinate.
This case represents a clinically significant anatomic variant, a longitudinal cleft concha bullosa causing symptomatic middle meatal obstruction.
8) spur w/lateral contact, n (%) Presence of a concha bullosa 5 (15.
A concha bullosa of the middle turbinate is a relatively common anatomic variant that may be associated with enlargement of the turbinate.
It is believed that a concha bullosa of the middle turbinate usually drains directly into the ethmoid sinus.
2) A newer surgical technique for the partial removal of the lateral portion of a concha bullosa involves powered instrumentatio.
CT also detected maxillary sinusitis and concha bullosa on both sides and a bifid uncinate process on the left.
Polyps arising in a concha bullosa of the middle turbinate.
Concha bullosa is the most common anatomic variation of the middle turbinate.
According to a source cited by Yasar et al, in what year was concha bullosa first described?