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someone who holds or operates a concession


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The government's finance officer and/or debt manager should be included throughout the process to help define the goals and objectives of the P3, evaluate the impact of the P3 obligations on the government's long-term liability profile, determine the differences in financing costs between tax-exempt debt and the private-sector concessionaire, and validate estimated project costs, revenue projections, and operating performance (if the project is expected to generate revenues).
Speaking at a sitting of the Vidin Municipal Council, he made clear that a shortage of funding for waste disposal had caused the concessionaire to dump the waste in several places in the city, and not at the designated landfill, thereby forming several micro-landfills.
In February, the civic agency had served a notice to the concessionaire to either start the work or withdraw from the project after filling up the huge pit dug up at the site.
We've worked extensively with every segment of the aviation industry -- passenger and cargo airlines, logistics companies, air couriers, airports and concessionaires.
However, the staff currently employed by the concessionaire in station management and train operations will continue to carry on with their responsibilities under the supervision of the DMRC team.
Fair enough; the national forest must ensure that the public gets the highest return and best service from concessionaires, which sometimes will mean dropping an old partner and engaging a new one.
It is the second triumph in three years for b2, which won Xerox Concessionaire of the Year regional title in 2008.
Saam, the country's largest private port concessionaire and part of the powerful Grupo Claro maritime dynasty, which also owns Compania Sudamericana de Vapores, is one of the world's 15-largest shipping companies.
It has to be done in this way or the concessionaire would be left out of pocket.
Mr Ratner estimated that concessionaire Actif Group was owed less than pounds 5,000, while the debt to clothing retailer French Connection would be minimal.
Concession contract is most frequently bilateral legal transaction, with which the "Concessor" (hereinafter Grantor)) undertakes to grant certain economic rights to the Concessionaire for exploitation.
With his nose broken and his face bruised, he sued the carnival concessionaire.
Somerfield is facing the wrath of concessionaire butchers over plans to remove counters from Kwik Save stores when they are converted.
Just down from the Capitol, on the shady George Washington Memorial Parkway, for instance, a concessionaire operating the publicly owned Mount Vernon Inn claimed gross revenues of $4.
The basement area is frequently set aside by the landlord for a concessionaire to install and maintain coin-operated clothes washing and drying machines to be used by the residents of the building.