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a composition for orchestra and a soloist

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The flutists, Tracy Kraus and guest Orlando Cela, gave this concerto a bright and lively flavor; and the third movement, featuring the violinist Rohan Gregory and the two flutes, was an exciting virtuosic display.
Victor Herbert concerto for cello and Orchestra no.
Watching a virtuoso violinist perform a tricky concerto is a little like watching acrobats, knowing that the slightest slip could bring the show crashing to a halt.
2 (Vancouver, 1989) and Malcolm Forsyth's Piano Concerto (1993).
I heard her with the New York Philharmonic in Dvorak's Violin Concerto a few seasons back and was favorably impressed by the feeling she mustered.
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The parts of seven concertos were engraved in Paris by Sieber between 1777 and 1787 (the fifth concerto still remains unlocated), some with up to three manuscript concordances, sometimes giving alternative solo instruments.
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His Oboe Concerto makes the most elegiac contribution to the compilation and is beautifully played, together with Gordon Jacob's oboe concerto, by Ruth Bolister.
The opening movement of the Piano Concerto in A minor, a staple of the piano concerto repertoire and therefore having many alternative rivals, is famous for its dramatic opening drum roll and cascading crescendos from the piano.
But cellist Jonathan Aasgaardhas no doubts about Dvorak's Cello Concerto.
By all accounts, the opening for David Hammons's Concerto in Black and Blue, 2002, was magical.
However, Robert La Fosse's Concerto in Five Movements, while overpopulated and proudly indebted to Balanchine-Stravinsky collaborations, often did well by Prokofiev's rarely heard Concerto No.
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