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Synonyms for concert-goer

someone who attends concerts


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to provide its mobile app and digital passport for concert-goers to use to check-in and win prizes.
The carols continued but the seasonal atmosphere was ruined for many of the concert-goers.
What he is hoping is that perhaps the CEO parent of a fan will hear about it and that the concert-goers come back another time to enjoy the recreational opportunities that abound in the region.
One concert-goer Keith Chadwick, of Redditch, claimed he would boycott the venue until the ban is lifted.
The furore started when a concert-goer criticised the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for being too po-faced when they took a bow.
Illness was blamed for the cancellation - but one concert-goer said that wasn't good enough for the thousands of fans waiting at Cardiff International Arena.
Concert-goer Delyth Roberts said: "We saw the body.
One Oxford concert-goer said: "The beginning of the track was all over the place.
We have been analyzing market demand and came to the conclusion concert-goers and music fans are searching the web for setlists.
USA], Oct 01 (ANI): Country star Jason Aldean, who was performing on stage when a gunman opened fire on concert-goers in Las Vegas on Sunday evening, expressed grief for those who lost their lives in the dastardly attack.
An A&E consultant said resources were "stretched to their limits" by the influx of stricken concert-goers into the hospital after the Club MTV gig.
Tonight, there will be high visibility uniform patrols for the event in the area, as well as plain clothes officers, to deter offenders and reassure concert-goers.
After the gig, the company came under heavy fire on social media from concert-goers.
To the delight of concert-goers, they will be coming back to Mechanics Hall for a performance at 3 p.
All tickets will either receive a full refund or concert-goers will be able to swap their Oman tickets for the Dubai show on May 5, so it is up to an individual to decide what they want to do.