concert pitch

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the pitch used to tune instruments for concert performances

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Godolphin trainers have the knack of bringing their charges to concert pitch for the Maktoum family's big night out, and Frosted should have the edge over market rival California Chrome.
That means the A above middle C is tuned a bit differently from standard concert pitch, as defined by the frequency of the A above middle C.
She is easy-ish to get fit and I am quite confident that we will be able to get her to concert pitch for May 2.
The last two measures at the right of this example provide two pieces of information: the appropriate clef for reading the notes in concert pitch and the appropriate clef for reading the notes when playing the valve horn in F.
The vivid poetic portraits of figures of ancient mythology, the amorous Pan, the frivolous Phaeton, the wretched Niobe, the gleesome Bacchus, the contemplative Narcissus and the fleeing Arethusa, created by Britten for the "water" section of the Aldeburgh Festival, represent a great challenge affording the oboist plenty of wonderful possibilities how to persuade the listener that his instrument is not only able to give the concert pitch at the beginning of the performance but also to conjure up a timbre-differentiated expression and, in the case of someone like Vilem Veverka, a surprising dynamic range as well.
It would also have been made to an old concert pitch and would not have responded well to attempts to raise the pitch.
This is a vintage Champion, however, with reigning king Binocular expected to be at concert pitch and Peddlers Cross still unbeaten - and still with Jason Maguire after his successful appeal against a riding ban.
This usually means that everything is at concert pitch except for octave-transposing instruments such as piccolo (up) and double bass (down), although a few scores (such as the Berg Violin Concerto, Boosey & Hawkes edition) have even piccolo, double bass, and others written in the sounding octave.
The first of these is comprised of 13 short articles covering a veritable smorgasbord of disparate topics such as operatic orchestral music, the singing voice, the castrato or male soprano, the operatic claque, concert pitch, elements of music, ballet, the construction of opera houses and scenery, and persons connected with opera.
Brittain has been in no hurry to bring Var to concert pitch this year.
However, the trainer is mindful of the fact that he has to keep Harchibald at concert pitch for the near three month period until the Festival.
WITH gallops reports suggesting that he is reaching concert pitch it might be worth taking a chance with Rudik in the Fitzwilliam Rated Stakes at Newmarket tomorrow.
Robert Havlin worked Golden Horn on the Al Bahathri at Newmarket yesterday and, asked about keeping him at concert pitch after missing the King George, he said: "The boss is a master at that.
Katzen performs Suite II at its original concert pitch, not a fourth higher as in the Wendell Hoss edition.
Those two runs should have brought him to concert pitch now and Sir Mozart merits respect, particularly if the race is run at a good clip.