concert piano

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a grand piano suitable for concert performances

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I'm not going to speak French, I'm not going to play concert piano.
It's one thing to play concert piano and another thing to be able to go around the world singing my own songs.
Posters put up in area churches, schools and storefronts helped garner a lot of community support, including the loan of a concert piano for the evening.
It reminded me of my childhood dream where I am seated in front of this concert piano with an expectant audience and I can't read a note of music.
Miralles' early sketches for the competition, which his office won in 1997, played with the idea of a concert piano.
A graduate program in concert piano lay ahead at Boston University, but one class in modern dance at Fort Wright changed her life.
Life once glimmered for her -- the only backstory fragment here being that she once played concert piano in France -- but now its opportunities seem to have passed by.
Steinway Lyngdorf's flagship music system, the Model D, is named after Steinway's most famous concert piano and will be featured at this event.
The subject of the order is delivery of new musical instruments, ie Steinway & Sons Concert Piano Model D-274 (2 pieces) or an equivalent instrument (see equivalence in clause 3.
He planned to use his extra day o[euro] to practice concert piano.
The new engines enable players to create a full musical expression with a concert piano sound and ensure that not a single note is lost.
In spite of what he told bidders yesterday when an antique metronome was up for sale, he isn't likely to "go back to playing concert piano.
We're so fortunate because we have a beautiful town hall and a beautiful concert piano and the acoustics are wonderful.
Away from the giant mezzanine bed, set above a concert piano, none of the 116 rooms are exactly alike.
It looks like a toy compared with the stout Bluthner concert piano a few feet away.