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a grand piano suitable for concert performances

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Now, in the fullness of artistic maturity, after nearly four thousand performances worldwide, Mac Frampton returns to his roots, back to the basics: a concert grand piano, the passion to perform, and an expectant audience.
Bosendorfer's concert grand piano is one of the world's largest and most sought after concert piano.
Garritan Harps features a variety of harps, including Salvi Pedal, Venus Concert Grand and Lyon & Healy.
Thanks to a contribution from friends of the Premio Vallesina (an organization from the Marche region of Italy), the Magnificat now has a real concert grand at its disposal, a Steinway D 274.
The couple has four Steinways at their Eugene home, including a 9-foot concert grand with a bit of a history.
this spring, military leaders mingled with the likes of Arianna Huffington and Tom Brokaw as a pianist in uniform played languid jazz numbers on a 1938 Steinway concert grand piano.
Star attraction is a pounds 110,000 Steinway D concert grand, one of the finest instruments in the world, which was lifted into the building by a specialist crane before taking its place alongside the others in the new state-of-the-art Hope Theatre.
Last spring, he played the first concert on the University of Huddersfield's new Steinway D concert grand which has cost thousands of pounds.
The concert is being presented by the Friends of the Music of Shakespeare's Church and proceeds will go to the friends' piano fund, which aims to provide a concert grand for musical performances at the church.
The shipment includes 62 brand new pianos, including 19 new Stein way grand pianos, one new Stein way concert grand and 18 new Steinway upright pianos.
UK) chronicles the rise of the piano from 1760 to 1850, from its first appearances in the public to the founding of the Steinway company and the beginnings of the modern concert grand.
Now Bosendorfer are giving the festival an pounds 85,000 Imperial Concert grand piano which will arrive today, personally delivered by Bosendorfer from Austria.
RECITAL: William Fong inaugurates a new Steinway concert grand at Durham University last month.
He tinkles a Steinway concert grand at home and this rare beauty (on sale) at the store.
When Denis Evstuhin sits down at a concert grand piano tonight during the world's premier Rachmaninoff competition, he'll think of more than the $30,000 grand prize.