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Today, forms of minstrelsy are still present on concert dance stages.
What is pertinent here is that some of Nijinsky's successors went even further, putting not just the sport but also the athlete himself onto the concert dance stage.
based nonprofit dance company continue its work promoting the relevance and vitality of concert dance in local schools, theaters and other community venues.
Led by Artistic Director Judith Jamison, the Company continues to be a trail-blazing leader in concert dance whose "phenomenal popularity is unmatched by any other company in the world.
We are from different backgrounds and generations whose work is presented as concert dance and builds on the groundwork of Rennie Harris Puremovement.
You'll still call me by name, commissioned by New York Live Arts, is the contemporary choreographer's first evening-length concert dance piece.
When Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet shut down last summer, she set her sights on the commercial world, and now works with Beyonce full-time--while using her layoff to maintain her concert dance roots.
I want to figure out what BLACK GIRL would look like outside of the concert dance world.
These performers are stepping away from the stereotypes often associated with flamenco as the style grows beyond a folk expression and regains a strong presence on the concert dance stage.
Gregory Hines gave tap a contemporary public face, and while his star ascended, lesser-known hoofers tried to build a home for themselves in the world of concert dance.
They offered me a different perspective and helped me to realize that I could choose to do concert dance and company work, or that I could do what I was seeing in the competition world.
I come primarily from a concert dance background, so I'm interested in creating concept-based tap works that hopefully stand beside other dance forms more heavily represented on proscenium stages.
After having a concert dance career, Moore says, "I never saw myself doing this.
I don't think I'll go work in the concert dance world anytime soon, but my eyes were opened.