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Synonyms for concernment

curiosity about or attention to someone or something

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Consciousness and Concernment, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2011,259 pp.
5) Dickinson believes, as befitting a man of his cultural training, that these Indians are "a Barbarous people, such as were generally accounted Man-Eaters"--a thought that causes him "deep Concernment," indeed "a deep Exercise and concernment.
Table 1: Assessment of the participants' concernment for the conflict Knowledge emo01: How would you judge your knowledge of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict?
2) Hence, an inequality of concernment provokes a diversity of interests at the same time.
Dedicated staff and departments have been assigned to ensure customer concernment.
In either case, Milton's Secrecy and Philosophical Hermeneutics will spark new debates about Milton's concernment with both esoteric and exoteric Renaissance / early-modern traditions.
With such concernment, by which individuals appropriate or lay claim to their past thoughts and actions, they become moral agents accountable for their conduct under the law.
Such issues demanded that 'a due examination be made, proportionable to the weightiness of the matter, and the concernment it is to us not to mistake' (Essay, 2nd edn, II.
His reaction to the debate about the murder of the Jewish inhabitants in Jedwabne in 1941 for example was controversial, but Kwasniewski went to the village and expressed his concernment by apologizing.
The passage on religious liberty read as follows: "Resolved, That the foundation of this union of States having been laid in, and its prosperity, expansion, and pre-eminent example in free government, built upon entire freedom in matters of religious concernment, and no respect of person in regard to rank or place of birth; no party can justly be deemed national, constitutional, or in accordance with American principles, which bases its exclusive organization upon religious opinions and accidental birth-place.
A centralised administration, coordinated by the leader, who is, same time, owner and entrepreneur; the costs shaping has to be a continue concernment for the entrepreneur;
and in a matter too of so high concernment as Religion, by a Wife of a contrary Religion?
27) It consists of "those opinions and actions alone which I entertain, or perform, only to please God and such as have no concernment at all with my neighbor or the interest or affairs of this world.
I deny not, but that it is of greatest concernment in the Church and
It may seem strange to some that women should appear in so public a manner, in a manner of so great concernment as this of tithes, and we also should bring in our testimony even as our brethren against that Anti-Christian law and oppression of tithes, by which many of the servants of the Lord have suffered in filthy holes and dungeons until death.