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being or characterized by concepts or their formation

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The contract is the implementation of a regular evaluation of selected individual projects System (IPS ) and individual projects conceptually oriented ( IPK) , supported the calls announced in Priority Axis 3 - Equal access to quality early childhood , primary and secondary education , the Operational Programme Research , Development and Education ( OP VVV ) .
fast, real-time and reliable identification of medical experts with conceptually similar research and specialties to the user and individual patient cases;
The translucent glass channels of the north facade, understood conceptually as folded planes, are punctured by operable windows held in steel frames cantilevered from the floor.
Although the political parties might not agree on exactly how to do this, both could conceptually support this approach.
Developing such a molecule isn't conceptually difficult, says neurologist Philip A.
For IFRS, they have made the decision to conceptually use the standards in 2005.
Conceptually we'll say there is a governmental agency teaching a technique that addresses a barricaded suspect whose location in the room is unknown.
Being able to find and review documents that are conceptually related to initial search queries allows legal teams to identify and review relevant documents more quickly and more accurately than traditional search tools.
Instead, the first recipients of the $1 million Dan David Prize, a new humanities award conceptually similar to but monetarily larger than the Nobel Peace Prize, are an inventor, a library and a group of geneticists.
Teaching conceptually enables students to internalize musical ideas more readily and experience and apply them to multiple situations.
I expect that his being on the IASB will contribute to conceptually sound and rigorous international accounting standards.
Its reader-friendly format makes the book's premise--being a CEO "is conceptually simple, unless you're failing"--easy to grasp and digest.
However clear this result may be, it is conceptually contrary to the converse situation in which, by reason of Sec.
This claim is conceptually explored in the detailed first chapter, and it is promising: it outlines a theoretical approach to the problem of medieval literacy that can notice the relations of power and privilege that literacy always implies without wholly constraining its possibilities.