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This may have assisted the participants in reducing the processing in the conceptualizer and/or formulator setting aside more attentional resources to focus on not making mistakes.
More specifically, I suggest that croire union presents the belief held by some conceptualizer that the raised nominal has gone through some process before settling into a stable state.
Kevin has run National since January, but already has displayed great talent as a story conceptualizer and the special effectiveness of someone who is both a leader and a role model for many of his reporters.
The only regrets that Sudanese and south Sudanese would mourn so much is that the absence of the author and the conceptualizer of the said secret plan in our midst to tell the Sudanese people as a whole his real vision and intentions.
Using the CPSP instrument, it was found that a disproportionate number of the business students in a study fell into the optimizer (37%) and implementer (33%) quadrants while only 13% fell into the generator and 17% into the conceptualizer quadrants (Basadur, Wakabayashi and Graen.
Impersonal evidential expressions (that means>it seems>that suggests) evoke some intersubjective virtual conceptualizer.
DoCoMo's famed senior vice president and conceptualizer, Takeshi Natsuno, commented at an April press conference, "Partnering with Adobe, we've been able to develop a great service that showcases the creativity of thousands of NTT DoCoMo content developers while leveraging the power of our network infrastructure.
Hence, the link between linguistic and social stereotypes is fundamentally of a metonymic nature: an EFFECT FOR CAUSE mapping which leads the conceptualizer from a linguistic trigger to a wider social target: to a social group and the encyclopaedic knowledge we have about it (social habits, dress, dance, song).
One may argue that this is because the temporal domain is more restricted than the spatial domain, as the spatial domain allows for more than one direction, and thus more than one position for the conceptualizer, whereas the temporal domain has just one fundamental line.
Klein's strength as a music conceptualizer lies in his patient approach--he allows each work's identity to evolve slowly, adding layer upon layer of percussion and string and wind instruments.
For Langacker, subjectivity comes with "how the conceptualizer chooses to construe the situation and portrays it for expressive purposes" (Langacker 1990: 5), or, in other words, is a dimension of the construal that happens to be imposed on the content an expression evokes.
Molefi Asante, the major conceptualizer and proponent of Afrocentricity argued: "Centrism, the operation of the African as subject or the Latino as subject, or the European as subject, and so forth, allows Africology to take its place alongside other disciplines without hierarchy and without hegemony" (p.
Myers perhaps was the most daring and comprehensive conceptualizer of psi.
To understand the transformative potential of a seemingly reactionary fixation with light skin and passing, the concept of mimesis needs to be taken beyond charges of imitation to the ideas of Michael Taussig, conceptualizer of "the more utopian notion of mimetic powers," that will be crucial to the book's concluding chapter.