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The second prize winner with a corresponding prize of P10,000 who called their group Team Remakers conceptualized the idea of recycling where their computer system application will capture the image of recyclable material and will automatically tell what kind of recyclable material it is.
Recently, the Company has also won 'Pitch Brand 50' award for Zee TV Indian television show -Punar Vivah, as live counselling on the mobile phone which was provided by the show was conceptualized and provided by Mobilox.
The search for material wealth, as found conceptualized in the metaphors of rap music, has also likely led many to believe that the hip-hop generation suffers from a spiritual bankruptcy, while crime and violence in urban African American neighborhoods continue to create an atmosphere of limitation as seen in the conceptualization of living spaces and economic opportunities in rap metaphors.
Within the general interruption of identity confirmation, there are certain factors here conceptualized to moderate the degree to which incarceration's interruption of identity confirmation affects the father's identity and subsequently his relationship with his family.
When advocacy is conceptualized and described in terms of school counselor competencies, the structure, purposes, and processes of advocacy are illuminated.
Here, the student's deeply centered identity as a surfer is conflated with his newly conceptualized identity as a writer.
urban populations has been conceptualized as neighborhood disadvantage, characterized by the presence of a number of community-level stressors including poverty, unemployment, substandard housing, and high crime/violence rates (13).
Cray, a visionary giant in the field of supercomputing, and the company's forthcoming SRC-6 computer will embody the architecture conceptualized by Cray before his death in an automobile accident in 1996.
The Guidi photographs are conceptualized to convey a central quality of Scarpa's work -- the incremental unfolding of architectural experience and narrative detail by detail.
The heart of the argument lies in establishing that the metaphysical conception of Being is neither univocal nor equivocal, but rather is analogous; and in showing that the space-time continuum can only be adequately conceptualized as a manifestation of analogous Being.
She was previously Editorial Director of Simon & Schuster Online, where she conceptualized the majority of online marketing campaigns for the Simon & Schuster Publishing Group, including such high-profile brands as Stephen King, Star Trek, Joy of Cooking, MTV Books, Jackie Collins, David McCullough, Mary Higgins Clark and Kathy Reichs.
They first raised funds for the MS Dinner of Champions and later, conceptualized the Race Against MS at Belmont.
A fictionalized - but just barely - drama about a Washington lobbying firm populated with real politicians and featuring James Carville and Mary Matalin playing versions of themselves, the show is tacked together - conceptualized, shot and edited - in a single week.
Studies have shown that if the student is capable of arriving at the generalization of the grammar rule as a result of being bombarded with conceptualized examples, the student is more apt to internalize the rule.