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How the hip-hop generation conceptualizes working in the underground economy is important for a variety of reasons.
Identity theory is particularly useful for its ability to conceptualize the degree to which, and why, parents enact or fail to enact roles associated with their parental identity.
Due to the lack of confidence, many people rail to conceptualize the problem and therefore lack the opportunity to apply their logical reasoning to the issue at hand.
The squares were among 800 pieces which were later sewn together into a long quilt by Vancouver artist Thomas Roach, who had been asked by PWRDF to conceptualize the art project.
As Ian Callum, director of Design, Jaguar Cars, noted, "We have a car with more space in it than any Jaguar ever built, so we thought we'd have a bit of fun and conceptualize something that was about space and luxury and pampering.
GBB's Harvey Gershman says, "The mayor's solid waste plan [is] achieving the performance and cost expectations we helped conceptualize and bring forward with careful planning, procurement and contracting, as well as accurate execution by Chace Anderson's organization.
Rational Rose RealTime facilitates a top-down approach to software design that makes it easy to conceptualize and structure complex applications," said David Abelow, director of alliance marketing, Rational Software.