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being or characterized by concepts or their formation

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When these students enter university or appear in competitive exams like CSS and PCS, they face a great difficulty because they were deprived of conceptual study.
Accounting standard setting by the Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) in the United States and by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) (collectively, the Boards) is guided by their respective conceptual frameworks.
Director General PNCA Iftikhar Babar speaking as the chief guest said that participation of the students in training workshop reflects the future of the figurative and conceptual art in the country.
Talking to reporter, he said that conceptual art, sometimes simply called conceptualism, is art in which the concepts or ideas involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.
Section One outlines Davidson's case that the idea of alternative conceptual schemes is nonsensical and self-refuting.
Section 2 describes Gardenfors' conceptual space model and reports a se lection of attempts of its formalisation and extension.
Keywords: mathematics comprehension, previous mathematics performance, conceptual understanding, area of plane regions, integral calculus
Based on the aforementioned, it is necessary to inquire on the knowledge resulting from the construction of learning by students from the Open University System (SUA, for the term in Spanish), that is, it is fitting to know if conceptual change occurs and how it occurs in different areas of knowledge, given that research conducted on conceptual change has been mainly aimed that the scientific-natural areas (5) and little of it in other areas like the humanities, which is why knowing the result of conceptual learning in nursing is transcendental.
I will start in section 1 with a description of the position of the conceptual and semantic levels in Stekauer's framework.
As everyone is now taught in school, Marcel Duchamp is the seminal father of Conceptual Poetry.
However, we will express our opinions concerning advertising, with respect to the specific conceptual approach of meaning comprehension in print modern advertising.
of Athens, Greece) explains in her introduction, "Research on conceptual change investigates how concepts change with learning and development in different subject matter areas with a focus on explaining students' difficulties in learning the more advanced and counterintuitive concepts in these areas." This handbook, updating the previous 2008 edition with revisions and additional chapters, summarizes and synthesizes the research literature in the field.
In many science courses, there has been an increased focus at the university level towards conceptual knowledge (Gooding & Metz, 2011).
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